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Acrobat Class Online January 27 2023 Advanced

Adobe Acrobat Training Class - Advanced

Fri, Jan 27 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2012-05-01 14:03:07 $595.00

Expand your Acrobat skills to include interactive PDF files, PDF forms, digital signatures, and more in this intermediate-level Acrobat course. Learn how to optimize your PDFs for assistive technologies, the print process, and the Web, and add multimedia to make your documents more engaging. This Acrobat class, taught by Adobe-Certified Instructors, also shows you how to improve your productivity through batch processing and how to prepare your PDF files for online use.

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Adobe Acrobat Training Class Advanced Topics Covered

Module 1: Creating Interactive PDF Navigation

  • Working with Actions
  • Using Page Actions in Adobe Acrobat
  • Using JavaScript Actions in Adobe Acrobat
  • Creating a Thread of Linked Articles
  • Working with the Destinations Panel

Module 2: Creating PDF Forms

  • Creating a PDF Form
  • Using the Form Wizard
  • Creating Form Fields
  • Using JavaScript Actions in an Acrobat form
  • Enabling Usage in Adobe Reader
  • Distributing and Manage Forms in Acrobat

Module 3: Adding Digital Signatures and Document Security

  • Removing Sensitive Content from an Adobe Acrobat document
  • Using Digital Signatures in your Adobe Acrobat document
  • About Acrobat Security
  • Certifying a Document
  • Creating a Security Envelope

Module 4: Optimizing PDF Documents

  • About Tagged Documents
  • Optimizing Documents for the Visually Impaired
  • Optimizing Documents for Your Local Printer
  • Optimizing Documents for CD and DVD Applications
  • Optimizing Documents for the Web
  • Customizing Acrobat Distiller Conversion Settings
  • PDF Font Considerations  

Module 5: Acrobat Online

  • Viewing Adobe Acrobat PDF Documents in a Web Browser
  • Conducting a Shared Review
  • Preparing PDF Documents for the Internet
  • Saving an Adobe Acrobat PDF for the Internet
  • Combining HTML and PDF Files
  • Collaborating with Acrobat

Module 6: Creating a PDF Index

  • Creating an Index in Adobe Acrobat
  • Purging and Rebuilding an Index
  • Moving an Index
  • Creating and Managing an Embedded Index

Module 7:Batch Processing and Optimizing PDF Documents for Print

  • Editing with Batch Processing
  • Optimizing PDF Documents for Print
  • Creating PDF/X Compliant Documents
  • Performing a Preflight Check of your PDF document
  • Adding Information for the Printer

Module 8: Add Multimedia to PDF Documents

  • Working with Images in Adobe Acrobat
  • Adding Sound to PDF Documents
  • Adding Video Clips to and Adobe Acrobat PDF Presentations