Adobe After Effects Level 1 in NYC on Aug 03, 2020

After Effects Level 1 NYC

Mon, Aug 3 2020 to
Wed, Aug 5 2020
9:30 a.m.
American Graphics Institute
AGI Training New York City
American Graphics Institute AGI Training New York
21 W 46th St.
New York NY 10036

2020-05-07 15:34:40 $975.00

This After Effects training will take you from the basics of After Effects such as understanding the workspace and basic animation techniques, all the way through to advanced animation techniques, motion tracking, and particle effects. Work on hands-on projects to hone your skills in animation.

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After Effects Level 1: Course Topics

Section 1

  • Making an Animated GIF: Intro to After Effects
  • Making an Animated GIF: Adding Easing & Motion Blur
  • Exporting an Animated GIF

Section 2

  • Noble Logo: Anchor Points & Animating with Overshoot
  • Noble Logo: Masking Layers & Parenting
  • Noble Logo: Rotation, Fade-Outs, & Rendering
  • Optional Bonus: Preparing an Illustrator File for Animation

Section 3

  • Welcome to New York: Intro to After Effects
  • Welcome to New York: Working with Text & Fade-Ins
  • Welcome to New York: Styling Text & Rendering

Section 4

  • Rotating Wedge: Null Objects & Hold Keyframes
  • Rotating Wedge: Alpha Mattes & Animated Colors
  • Rendering & Exporting Options

Section 5

  • HBO Logo: Importing Layered Files & Adding Easing
  • HBO Photo Tiles: Working with Numerous Layers
  • HBO Movie Rating: Vector Layouts & the Graph Editor
  • HBO Bumper: Editing Compositions & Adding Audio

Section 6

  • Particle Skateboards: 3D Rotation, Lighting, & Motion Blur
  • Particle Skateboards: Using 3D Cameras

Bonus Material

  • Travel Slideshow: Anchor Points & Working with Images
  • Travel Slideshow: Cross-Dissolves & Working with Logos