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Animate Class Online December 14, 2022 Introduction

Adobe Animate Training Class - Introduction

Wed, Dec 14 2022 to
Thu, Dec 15 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2012-10-16 11:24:22 $695.00

This introductory Animate class provides you with an introduction to animation and interactivity. Learn to animate designs that can be shared on different screens and devices. In this two-day Animate course, you'll create immersive experiences including animation, video, audio, and images. Discover how to make your web and interactive content look polished, professional, and interesting as you learn Animate from AGI's team of experts, who are the authors of numerous books on digital animation tools from Adobe. No previous animation or web design experience is required for this course.

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Introduction to Adobe Animate Training Class : Complete Course Topics

Animate Jumpstart

  • Introducing Animate
  • Understanding Animate file types
  • Creating and setting up a new document
  • Saving an Animate document
  • Using the Animate workspace
  • Working on the Stage
  • Accessing Animate  tools
  • Using the Property Inspector
  • Working with other panels and groups
  • Putting the Timeline to use

Getting Started with the drawing tools

  • Drawing in Animate 
  • Understanding merge drawing mode
  • Using the Line tool
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • Using the Shape and Primitive tools
  • Adding text to your artwork
  • Introducing filters
  • Working with colors and gradients
  • Organizing and layering graphics
  • Transforming graphics and gradients

Using symbols and the library with Animate

  • Understanding symbols and instances
  • Looking at the Library panel
  • Creating symbols
  • Building artwork with symbol instances
  • Editing symbols
  • Modifying instances
  • Changing instance color
  • Duplicating symbols
  • Swapping symbols
  • Managing the Library

Creating basic animation using Animate

  • Introducing keyframes and the timeline
  • Working on layers
  • Using frames and keyframes
  • Creating motion-tweened animation
  • Incorporating color effects, rotation and scaling
  • Modifying animation with the Motion Editor
  • Controlling animation paths
  • Morphing with Shape Tweens
  • Creating and modifying classic tweens
  • Adjusting animation with Onion Skinning

Working with Imported Files in Animate

  • Understanding import formats
  • Importing still images
  • Placing a bitmap image
  • Adding text
  • Swapping out an imported file
  • Modifying and updating imported artwork
  • Updating imported files
  • Taking advantage of Photoshop layers
  • Importing Illustrator artwork
  • Animating imported images

Adding Sound and Video to Animate projects

  • Preparing sound files for Animate 
  • Editing your audio
  • Choosing audio formats
  • Importing sounds
  • Adding sounds to the Timeline and buttons
  • Understanding video in Animate 
  • Choosing embedded vs. linked video
  • Using Animate Video formats
  • Converting video with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Adding embedded video

Introducing ActionScript navigation

  • Understanding ActionScript
  • Choosing the right ActionScript version
  • Placing ActionScript
  • Adding actions with the Actions panel
  • Using Script Assist
  • Controlling Movie Clip timelines
  • Building basic button symbols
  • Creating rollovers
  • Exploring Javascript behaviors
  • Adding behaviors to a button

Delivering a final animation

  • Understanding the publishing process from Animate
  • Customizing Publish settings
  • Publishing to the Web
  • Publishing for the Desktop with Adobe AIR
  • Publishing for Mobile Devices
  • Publishing for iOS
  • Publishing for Android OS
  • Using Export Movie
  • Exporting as a PNG Sequence
  • Working with FTP