How to Learn Captivate

Creating engaging and useful e-learning content requires skills as an educator and content creator, along with a technical understanding of applications used for creating e-learning courses. Learning Adobe Captivate helps education and learning professionals create and deliver e-learning courses.

While teachers of the past lectured or used a blackboard, modern instructors and trainers need to engage course participants with creative content, multimedia materials, quizzes, and interactivity that goes well beyond a static presentation. Adobe Captivate is useful tool for instructors to organize and create digital educational materials. Attending Captivate training classes helps educators improve their skills to create better e-learning materials. Captivate training offers the opportunity to learn the best and most efficient ways to utilize this e-learning tool so that course content is created quickly and delivered in a way that engages learners.

Captivate Classes for e-learning

Participating in Captivate classes allows educators to learn the process and techniques for creating e-learning educational materials as part of a small-group workshop. This traditional classroom setting provides an opportunity for individuals to learn Captivate directly from an e-learning professional, and benefit from questions, projects, and discussions with other educators. Public Captivate courses follow a standard curriculum, which can be either introductory or advanced, depending upon the course. Regularly scheduled public Captivate courses are available in Boston as well as in NYC and in Philadelphia.

Private Captivate Training

For groups that need to learn Captivate to work on specific e-learning projects, a private Captivate training workshop is beneficial. Private Captivate training can occur on-site, or off-site at a classroom. Regardless of the location, a private Captivate workshop can focus on specific topics or projects that need to be completed, and emphasize specific capabilities or functions.

Learn Captivate Online

For those who are unable to attend a regularly scheduled class or are unable to travel to a classroom location, an online Captivate training class provides an opportunity to learn Captivate without leaving their desk. A live online Captivate course is led by the same instructors who teach public Captivate classes, yet it is delivered completely online. Participants can ask questions and work directly with the instructor using modern screen-sharing capabilities of the online classroom.

With many options to learn Captivate, there are opportunities for any educator that wants to create e-learning content.

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