› Adobe DPS Class in Boston on December 9, 2016

Adobe DPS Class in Boston on December 9, 2016

Adobe DPS Training Class

Fri, Dec 9 2016
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
American Graphics Institute
AGI Training Boston
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Boston
120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801

AGI's Adobe DPS training classes are led by experienced Digital Publishing Suite trainers that have created many digital publications for major publishers. This DPS training class is a fast way to learn DPS tools and document conversion strategy.

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Adobe DPS Training Class Topics Covered

Introduction to Adobe DPS: creating a folios and adding articles

  • Understanding DPS workflow
  • Document design considerations for DPS projects
  • Understanding the DPS workspace
  • Converting print layouts for online use
  • Creating offline folios
  • Working with articles and layouts
  • Previewing folios
  • Uploading folios and testing on iPad

Adding Audio and Video to DPS projects

  • Working with video files: full screen and in-line display
  • Adding controls for audio and video
  • Adding Posters into your DPS project
  • Understanding the Overlay Creator Panel
  • Adding audio overlays
  • Previewing audio and video

Working with Text in Adobe DPS

  • Creating articles
  • Connecting content with placeholder frames
  • Adding interior margins (text inset spacing)
  • Understanding scroll frame overlays
  • Adding scrolling text and scrolling Groups
  • Managing articles in the folio panel
  • Managing articles in the DPS dashboard
  • Previewing articles and folios

Working with Images in Adobe DPS

  • Using pan and zoom overlays
  • Creating panorama overlays
  • Defining initial zoom and starting view for images
  • Applying limits to panning
  • Creating image sequence overlays
  • Creating Slideshows in DPS
  • Adding Images into a slideshow
  • Adding Buttons with actions and states for interactivity

Adding interactivity

  • Defining multi-state objects
  • Using invisible buttons

Creating Hyperlinks and Buttons

  • Adding hyperlink overlays and buttons
  • Linking to content within a folio: articles and pages
  • Internal links within articles

Creating a Complete Folio

  • Defining folio properties
  • Defining article properties
  • Working with multiple articles in a folio
  • Defining the sequence of articles
  • Previewing folios

Understanding Single Issue vs. Multi-issue

  • Creating single issue apps
  • Creating multi-issue apps
  • Understanding entitlements and subscriptions

Advanced DPS Topics

  • Web content overlays
  • Custom viewer apps


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