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Adobe Experience Manager Training Online - AEM Class Online November 30 2018

Adobe Experience Manager Training Class - AEM Mobile

Fri, Nov 30 2018
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2017-05-08 13:00:50 $595.00

Adobe Experience Manager training classes led by experienced AEM trainers that have created many digital publications for major publishers. This AEM training class is a fast way to learn Adobe Experience Manager Mobile.

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Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Training Class Topics 

The AEM Mobile training course covers the following topics:

Introduction to Adobe Expereince Manager Mobile

  • Understanding AEM workflow
  • Document design considerations for AEM projects
  • Understanding the AEM workspace
  • DPS to DPS 2015 to AEM Mobile
  • The need for content management
  • Extending native apps
  • Centrally managing apps
  • Engaging, measuring and optimizing
  • Using DPS 2015 files with AEM Mobile

Setting up AEM Mobile

  • Getting an Adobe ID
  • Downloading the trial
  • Updating InDesign tools
  • Getting the HTML Article Packager
  • Adding the Acrobat plug-in
  • Installing the AEM Preflight app

Creating an Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Project

  • Accessing the On-Demand Portal
  • Using Welcome Screen features
  • Adding a new project
  • Choosing a Project Title
  • Specifying a Link Reference
  • Selecting a Brand Image
  • Changing Content Settings
  • Defining AEM Mobile Collection Defaults
  • Reporting analytics
  • Setting the Report Suite name
  • Building App Navigation in Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
  • Creating Top-Level Navigational Collections

Importing Content in Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Projects

  • Building content metadata to structure an app
  • Adding an article to your project
  • Naming and titling an article
  • Loading an image for browsing
  • Adding a content file
  • Repeating for each article
  • Adding a collection to your project
  • Making it the default collection
  • Naming and titling a collection
  • Specifying a Product ID
  • Loading collection and background images
  • Repeating for each collection

Managing and Organizing AEM Mobile Content

  • Managing and Organizing Content in Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
  • Controlling the app experience
  • Adding an article to a collection
  • Repeating for each collection
  • Initial order of articles
  • Editing a collection
  • Changing the order of content in a collection
  • Moving collections to the top-level collection
  • Using Content Mapping for visual control
  • Filtering collections and articles
  • Controlling top-level and app menu items
  • Adding content to collections
  • Defining the order of content
  • Zooming and scrolling in the map
  • Expanding and collapsing map items
  • Other filtering options

Previewing and Testing AEM Mobile Projects

  • Accessing the AEM Preflight app
  • Installing the AEM Preflight app
  • Starting Preflight in the Portal
  • Refreshing the Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Preflight app
  • Tapping to access content
  • Swiping to navigate
  • Moving up and down in content levels
  • Enabling the app menu
  • Understanding the Preflight workflow=
  • Triggering Preflight for additional changes
  • Using a custom preflight app
  • Support for different orientations

Designing an App Experience using AEM Mobile

  • Improving the look and feel of your app
  • Learning about Layout Templates
  • Creating a layout template
  • Importing a collection
  • Editing template properties
  • Editing card properties
  • Viewing different sizes and orientations
  • Adding a layout rendition using AEM Mobile
  • Applying a layout template to a collection
  • Reusing a template on other collections
  • Preflighting a new design
  • Comparing device results

Methods for Authoring Adobe Experience Manager Mobile Content

  • Creating fixed layout articles in InDesign
  • Best practices for creating InDesign source documents for AEM Mobile
  • Choosing Digital Publishing intent
  • Selecting a Page Size and Orientation
  • Facing Pages and Primary Text Frame
  • Adding interactivity with overlays
  • Supported interactivity features
  • Hyperlinks
  • Web Content
  • Slideshows
  • Image sequences
  • Audio and video
  • Pan and zoom
  • Scrollable Frames
  • Exporting article files
  • Choosing a target device
  • Setting Smooth Scrolling
  • Creating (responsive) HTML articles
  • Using a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Plug-ins for CMS systems
  • Creating basic or responsive HTML files
  • Preparing HTML files for uploading
  • Optimizing HTML for mobile devices


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