How to Learn Illustrator

There are several ways to learn Illustrator, including classes, private training, online courses, books, and video tutorials. Learning Adobe Illustrator is useful for creative, design, and marketing professionals. Adobe Illustrator primarily used to create logos, artwork, icons, and illustrations. It can also be used to create postcards, flyers, and website mock-ups. Adobe Illustrator is a versatile design tool and is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. As the first desktop program released Adobe Systems, different training materials and programs have developed for learning Illustrator.

Classes and Workshops to Learn Illustrator

The most traditional way to learn Adobe Illustrator is in a classroom with other students. This provides the advantage of a live instructors in the same room as participants are learning Illustrator. Common topics for Illustrator classes at the introductory level include learning about the interface, creating new documents, using the drawing tools, adding color, changing shapes, and exporting files for use in print or online. Advanced courses in Illustrator focus on topics such as 3D artwork and working more efficiently with advanced tools such as symbols and meshes.

Learning Adobe Illustrator with Private Training

Private Illustrator classes can be held in a classroom or off-site at a client’s office, and is available for either groups or individuals. Private Illustrator training is more economical for larger groups or are better options when an individual or company has specific needs and would like for the Illustrator training to be customized and focused on particular topics. Participants in private classes often use their own projects and files so that what they learn in an Illustrator course is directly applicable to their work.

Learn Illustrator with Online Training

It is possible to learn Illustrator without attending an in-person course with live online Illustrator courses that are available monthly. These online workshops are complete classes and held with a live instructor. Live online Illustrator training is beneficial for participants who are unable to travel to a classroom, or are not near a location for an in-person course. Online training allows participants to see the instructor’s screen, and share their screen with the instructor should they have questions. Participants can ask the instructor questions in real time both through voice and online chat.

Learning Illustrator with Books and Videos

Those who prefer to work independently can choose from many Adobe Illustrator books and video tutorials to learn Illustrator. This learning option is useful for individuals who need to work at their own pace or may not have the budget available to attend an in-person course. Many experts instructors and designers have authored Illustrator books, including the self-paced Illustrator Digital Classroom which also includes lesson files to accompany the book.

Learning the latest Illustrator capabilities

As Adobe Illustrator has been around for more than 20 years, it’s important for participants in any training to learn the same version they are using. The Creative Cloud version of Illustrator is updated regularly, with new features and interface changes. When attending a course participants should make certain they are learning the most current version of Illustrator from a competent instructor that keeps up-to-date on the changes. For example, instructors at American Graphics Institute write books that are updated on the new functions of Illustrator, and undergo professional development to make certain they remain current on the most current versions of the application.


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