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Illustrator in a Day in NYC

Illustrator in a Day in NYC

Illustrator in a Day in NYC: Course Overview

In this 1-day Illustrator class, you’ll learn how to use the Pen tool to draw vector graphics, learn to draw lines and curves, and work with colors, layers, brushes, and more. 

This class is meant to get you started with the essentials of Illustrator. For a more in-depth class on Illustrator see our Illustrator Bootcamp in NYC.

Illustrator is the industry-standard tool for vector graphics and illustration. It is commonly used to create things like logos, web graphics, and product packaging. Illustrator is vector-based whereas Photoshop is pixel-based so things like logos can scale to any size without loss of quality using vector graphics. 

You can create drawings and illustrations within the Illustrator app, create logos and web graphics as vectors for optimal scaling, and design product packaging with an array of typography, effects, and photos in Illustrator. 

This course is delivered in partnership with Noble Desktop, a leading design school in NYC with over three decades of experience.


Illustrator in a Day in NYC Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


Please call 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044 to schedule a course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

Illustrator in a Day in NYC: Complete Topics Covered

Section 1

  • Straight Lines
  • Curves
  • Corners and Curves

Section 2

  • No Smoking Sign
  • Super Hero

Illustrator in a Day: Prerequisites

A computer and the appropriate software are provided for classes in our classroom location. We recommend that you have the Adobe Illustrator application before starting the class so that you are able to practice upon course completion. You can purchase the software, license Creative Cloud, or obtain a trial version of it from the Adobe website

Adobe Illustrator in Day NYC: Course Materials

You will receive a copy of the comprehensive Illustrator training book created by the instructors. This book also serves as a resource for you after the class.

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