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Illustrator Class Online March 8, 2023 Advanced

Adobe Illustrator Class - Advanced

Wed, Mar 8 2023 to
Thu, Mar 9 2023
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2012-10-16 10:30:19 $995.00

In this advanced Adobe Illustrator class discover how to take advantage of symbols, effects, styles, and transparencies along with advanced drawing and blending techniques. This Illustrator course covers advanced techniques for creating artwork with more impact, while using the tools to work more efficiently. This class is for those who have completed the introductory Illustrator training or have a complete understanding of all topics covered in the introduction to Adobe Illustrator course.

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Adobe Illustrator Training Class - Advanced: Complete Course Topics

Illustrator Essentials skills review

  • Setting up the artboard
  • Creating background shapes
  • Combining shapes
  • Sampling colors
  • Applying fills and strokes
  • Applying colors and effects
  • Aligning and distributing shapes
  • Distorting shapes
  • Importing images

Working with symbols in Illustrator

  • Understanding symbols and instances
  • Cleaning out the symbol library
  • Creating symbols
  • Editing symbols
  • Importing a symbol library
  • Modifying symbol instances
  • Using the symbolism tools
  • Editing nested symbols
  • Replacing symbols
  • Saving symbol libraries

Using Adobe Illustrator effects and transparency

  • Working with the Appearance panel
  • Applying effects
  • Editing effects
  • Using graphic styles
  • Creating and saving graphic styles
  • Working with object transparency
  • Experimenting with multiple opacities
  • Understanding blending modes
  • Saving and importing graphic styles
  • Applying graphic styles to layers and symbols

    Advanced Illustrator blending techniques

    • Using the Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator 
    • Applying a gradient
    • Understanding linear vs. radial gradients
    • Using Gradient Mesh options
    • Adjusting a mesh
    • Revisiting Blend Options
    • Selecting multiple mesh points
    • Overlapping images
    • Using the Mesh tool
    • Adding a highlight

    Adobe Illustrator new features

    • Image Trace
    • Pattern Options panel
    • Gradients on strokes
    • Make Mask and Release button
    • Expandable color spectrum
    • Character panel enhancements
    • Transform panel additions
    • Using the control panel

    Exporting and saving files from Illustrator

    • Saving an illustration with layers
    • Saving a layered PDF
    • Exporting for Photoshop
    • Integrating with InDesign
    • Integrating with Animate
    • Integrating with Premiere and After Effects
    • File formats
    • Saving for Web Design