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InDesign Workshop: one-day seminar

InDesign Workshop

InDesign Workshop Overview

Learn the skills you need to successfully create exceptional print and digital materials using InDesign. This one-day information-packed InDesign workshop is presented by the instructors at American Graphics Institute, who have written over 10 books on Adobe InDesign. The InDesign workshop is led by a live instructor in the same classroom with you when taken at an American Graphics Institute location or a live instructor online if you select the online option.

This InDesign workshop covers essential skills for working in InDesign. For anyone that will be working more regularly with InDesign, we suggest our more comprehensive class, the Introduction to InDesign course.

The InDesign workshop is a one-day course, and is also available as a private class for groups.

InDesign Workshop: Related courses

The InDesign workshop is part of our Creative Cloud Classes, which includes Photoshop workshops and Illustrator workshops.

InDesign Workshop: one-day seminar Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


Please call 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044 to schedule a course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

InDesign Workshop Topics

Lesson 1: Essential InDesign skills

  • Working with InDesign tools and panels
  • Discovering the InDesign workspace
  • Using the document window
  • Using guides
  • Taking advantage of viewing modes
  • Saving your workspace
  • Working with the Control panel
  • Navigating through a document

Lesson 2: Using master pages to create consistent layouts

  • Planning your document
  • Formatting master pages
  • Adding layout pages
  • Adding images & text to master pages

Lesson 3: Designing with text and type

  • Creating a text frame
  • Changing character attributes
  • Changing paragraph attributes
  • Finding and changing text
  • Checking and correcting spelling
  • Using the Glyphs panel
  • Flowing text and threading text between frames

Lesson 4: Using styles to save time and create consistent formats

  • Defining and applying paragraph styles
  • Defining and applying character styles
  • Updating and loading styles
  • Organizing styles into groups
  • Creating and applying object styles

Lesson 5: Using graphics in your layouts

  • How InDesign handles graphics
  • Locating missing images
  • The Links panel and Link badge
  • Creating a graphic frame
  • Adding graphics
  • Repositioning graphics
  • Fitting graphics to frames
  • Wrapping text around graphics

Lesson 6: Adding color to your documents

  • Applying color to text and frames
  • Creating and saving a new swatch
  • Creating a tint reduction
  • Updating and editing colors

Lesson 7: Sharing your finished work

  • Packaging your document
  • Creating a PDF
  • Using Adobe PDF Presets


Adobe InDesign Workshop: Prerequisites

This one-day InDesign workshop requires that you have general computer skills but no previous InDesign experience is required. Computers and InDesign are provided for this InDesign course, and you can select a Mac OS or Windows system at the time you register. If you do not yet have InDesign on your own computer, you can obtain a free trial version of it at the Adobe website.

InDesign Workshop Course Materials

You will receive selected materials from the Adobe InDesign Digital Classroom book, written by the presenters of this workshop.

Locations for InDesign Workshops

Attend this one-day InDesign workshop in-person or online. You can find details regarding all the InDesign classes near you that are available. 

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