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Photoshop Classes Online

Photoshop classes & training Online

Live Photoshop classes online at your computer with our expert Photoshop teachers. Our Photoshop courses online are led by live instructors who wrote the Photoshop books that are used at many universities teaching Web, interactive, and print design, including the Photoshop Digital Classroom. AGI has been delivering outstanding Photoshop courses online for more than 20 years. Learn Photoshop online with a live instructor with individual courses listed below or enroll in the comprehensive Photoshop Certificate program.

Live Photoshop classes online at your own computer

Attend live online Photoshop classes where you see the instructor’s screen, get clear instructions on concepts and best practices, and complete exercises as you learn Photoshop. If you have a questions you can talk live with the instructor and also have the option of sharing your screen with the instructor who can help you one-on-one. You’ll hear the instructor over the headset / microphone we supply, and can communicate by talking or you can also use the on-screen chat if you prefer.

Convenient Photoshop training online without traveling

You can learn Photoshop from home, your office, or anywhere you have a broadband Internet connection with our online Photoshop classes. Attend an online Photoshop class with no risk: if you find that online learning isn’t for you, let us know after the first half of the Photoshop class and you can apply your registration fee toward an in-person Photoshop class at any of our training centers. Register with confidence: we have been teaching Photoshop classes for 20 years and do not cancel our live online Photoshop classes due to low-enrollment.

Photoshop Classes Online

Attend introductory to advanced Photoshop Classes in our training centers, online, or at your office. We have been teaching Photoshop classes for more than a decade and can help you to achieve professional results faster and more efficiently.

Online Photoshop Classes Course Details and Outlines

Photoshop Training Class - Introduction

This Photoshop course helps you to be more productive and to create higher quality images more efficiently. You receive an introduction to editing, retouching, and enhancing images. Learn essential skills including how to make selective changes, color correct, and retouch your images.

Photoshop Training Class - Intermediate

This intermediate Photoshop training class covers the intermediate use of tools, filters, and layers, that allow you to take advantage of creative effects. You also discover how to use automation features, such as actions and buttons, as well as smart objects.

Photoshop Training Class - Advanced

This advanced Photoshop class is for users who have already accomplished basic masking and retouching tasks in Photoshop. In this course attendees learn how to create complex composites, work at an advanced level with color correction, and build incredible masks.

Photoshop Bootcamp

This four-day comprehensive Photoshop bootcamp provides introductory through intermediate photo editing skills. This bootcamp combines our introductory through intermediate Photoshop classes into four consecutive days, providing you with an intensive workshop. The material covered is identical to the introductory and intermediate Photoshop courses, but is delivered in a single week. You start by learning essential Photoshop skills and end the week with a full set of experience creating images for use across a variety of platforms and uses.

Photoshop Workshop

This Photoshop workshop provides you with the skills you need to successfully use Photoshop for both online and print imagery. Presented by the instructors from the American Graphics Institute, authors of more than 10 books on Photoshop. This workshop is a great way to learn Photoshop skills you need to create great looking images that get your work noticed.

Photoshop Training Class - Web Graphics

In this Photoshop training class for web graphics you'll discover how to quickly and easily create images for the Web, HTML email, and mobile use. This class covers file formats, image optimization, and creating effective web graphics with impact.

Photoshop Retouching Class

This Photoshop course is focused on retouching and helps you to create realistic, high quality images more efficiently. Discover ways to improve your selections, edit more accurately, and enhance images while keeping them looking natural through professional Photoshop retouching techniques.

Photoshop Color Correction Training Course

In this Photoshop color correction training course you'll discover how to use Photoshop's extensive array of color correction tools. You'll discover how to create healthy looking skin tones, balance images, and create overall professional-quality color.

Photoshop Lightroom Training Class

This one-day hands-on Photoshop class provides you with the skills you need to effectively use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Discover how to manage, edit, and share the large number of digital images using Lightroom in this course for photographers and image editors who work with large volumes of images. This Photoshop Lightroom class uses the latest version of the application. For Lightroom training classes in our classrooms, computers and the app are provided for the course. Photoshop Lightroom courses use the Photoshop Lightroom application, which is a separate version of Photoshop, designed to meet the needs of photographers.

Photoshop Layers Training Class

Photoshop Layers are a key building block for creativity and productivity. In this Photoshop training course you focus on layers to expand your creative horizons using powerful layers techniques. Learn to effectively and creatively use Photoshop Layers to achieved desired effects and work more efficiently.

Photoshop Te​xt Effects Training Class

Discover how to create exciting text effects in Photoshop with this half-day Photoshop course. Learn how to utilize effects and text controls to make great looking text using Photoshop.

Photoshop New Features Training Class

Discover the new features of the latest version in this Photoshop Course. Learn to work more efficiently and benefit from the latest capabilities. You'll discover methods to improve your productivity and enhance your creativity using Photoshop.

Photoshop for Fashion Design Course

This Photoshop for Fashion Design course helps apparel, accessories, and accessories designers become more productive with this popular tool for apparel design work. Class participants receive an introduction to editing, retouching, and enhancing images with an emphasis placed on working with images that are used in apparel design. Participants learn essential Photoshop skills.

Photoshop Class for Photographers

In this Photoshop class for Photographers learn retouching functions that you can take advantage of right away when you return to your studio using Adobe Photoshop. Find out how to realistically retouch images, remove blemishes, brighten teeth and eyes. You will also discover how to use Photoshop to color correct, and create simple compositions with your imagery.

Photoshop Elements Training Class

This Photoshop Elements training class provides you with the basic skills you need for editing, retouching, and working with digital images. Discover how to clean-up images, adjust lighting, combine images, add text and effects using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

About Photoshop Classes Online

Is it possible to learn Photoshop online

Yes, you can learn Photoshop online. As a live online class you hear the instructor, ask questions, work on projects and share your screen if you want advice or guidance. Modern teaching tools make it possible to learn Photoshop online with a live instructor.

How long does it take to learn Photoshop

Most users can learn the basic skills they need for Photoshop in two-days. If you are looking to gain an understanding of most skills, you can learn Photoshop in a week in the Photoshop bootcamp. If you want to know every detail of Photoshop and master the application, add two more days to your learning schedule to attend an advanced Photoshop class.

Upcoming Dates for Online Photoshop Classes

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


Please call 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044 to schedule a course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

Photoshop Classes Online

Online Photoshop Classes led by a live instructor
American Graphics Institute’s live online Photoshop Classes are led by expert instructors from American Graphics Institute.
About Photoshop Classes Online

American Graphics Institute has been delivering public and private Photoshop Classes  online for more than a decade. We offer regularly scheduled public Photoshop classes online and private online training. Our many clients include companies of all sizes, non-profit agencies, and educational institutions. AGI provides Photoshop training to employees working in marketing, communications, design and a variety of business roles.

Instructors teaching live online Photoshop Classes.
Highly qualified instructors teach live online Photoshop Classes in small group workshops.
Photoshop Courses Online from Experts

The instructors that lead our Photoshop Classes are the authors of more than 10 books on Photoshop, ranging from the Photoshop Digital Classroom to the Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies book. AGI’s teachers are also available for private Photoshop training which can be delivered online as a live session or as an in-person Photoshop workshop at your location.

AGI's team of experienced instructors are led by the design and usability expert and best-selling author of more than 20 books including Creative Cloud for Dummies, Creative Suite for Dummies, and Photoshop Digital Classroom. Classes are led by experienced professionals who have extensive professional and training experience, and also work in our consulting practice areas and as practicing professionals. For Federal agencies, American Graphics Institute classes are offered under GSA contract 47QTCA19D003Y.