› Photoshop Course in Boston for Photographers December 16, 2016

Photoshop Course in Boston for Photographers December 16, 2016

Photoshop Class for Photographers

Fri, Dec 16 2016
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
American Graphics Institute
AGI Training Boston
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Boston
120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801

In this Photoshop class for Photographers learn retouching functions that you can take advantage of right away when you return to your studio using Adobe Photoshop. Find out how to realistically retouch images, remove blemishes, brighten teeth and eyes. You will also discover how to use Photoshop to color correct, and create simple compositions with your imagery.

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Creating a Photoshop workspace for Photographer's needs

  • Navigating the workspace
  • Saving a custom workspace
  • Fundamental tools photographers need to know

Understading digital images in Photoshop

  • Importing your images
  • File formats
  • File size and resolution

Cropping and resizing

  • Composition tips and tricks
  • Using resize tools and features
  • Saving your files

Creating great selection masks in Photoshop

  • Creating masks with selections
  • Refining selections

Photoshop retouching for photographers

  • Working with Photoshop brushes
  • Adjusting brush settings
  • Applying color to an image
  • Changing blending modes
  • Using the Clone Stamp tool
  • Using the content-aware scaling and retouching tools
  • Maximizing use for the healing tools for wrinkles, acne and other blemishes
  • How to discreetly morph shapes
  • Using vector and pixel adjustment layers to quickly change color
  • Matching colors

Using the Photoshop color correction tools

  • Understanding color
  • Understanding neutrals
  • Using the histogram
  • Using curve controls
  • Eliminating color casts and adjusting light
  • Effectively using adjustment layers
  • Color correction using Camera Raw

Using Photoshop's adjustment layers

  • Changing colors of items
  • Adding patterns and gradients
  • Adjusting tone curves
  • Creating the best grayscale conversion
  • Burning and dodging your images

What a photographer needs to know about Photoshop Layer 

  • Creating custom compositions
  • Merging images
  • Using HDR

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