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Final Cut Pro Class Online December 14, 2022 Advanced

Final Cut Pro Training Class: Advanced

Wed, Dec 14 2022 to
Thu, Dec 15 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2015-03-26 13:52:20 $795.00

This two-day advanced Final Cut Pro course helps you to become a more proficient user of FCP X. You'll learn how to work more efficiently, use advanced editing techniques, and work with color and audio controls.

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Final Cut Pro Training Course: Advanced - Course Topics

Lesson 1: Organizing your media and media management in Final Cut Pro

  • Working with Metadata: Using metadata that is part of imported (source) content
  • Using auto-analysis and adding metadata
  • Using metadata views and creating new metadata views
  • Working with and editing existing metadata views
  • Using and organizing Keywords
  • Applying markers
  • Using filters to locate clips 
  • Creating Smart Collections 
  • Batch renaming 
  • Relinking clips
  • Using Libraries: closing and duplicating Final Cut Pro libraries; sharing and moving libraries; moving clips between libraries
  • Using Projects: working with project snapshots and backups
  • Managing disk space and removal of render files
  • Managing proxy media
  • Adjusting storage locations 
  • Using optimized media.

Lesson 2: Advanced Final Cut Pro Editing Techniques

  • Understanding an editing strategy for Final Cut projects
  • Changing edits
  • Combining edits
  • Understanding storylines and secondary storylines
  • Using trim to playhead
  • Using trim to selection
  • Working with compound clips
  • Applying titles to connected clips
  • Back timing edits

Lesson 3: Understanding Audio Editing in Final Cut Pro

  • Audio levels and mastering
  • Using audio meters 
  • Understanding waveforms
  • Applying timeline volume adjustments 
  • Adjusting volume in specific areas 
  • Using volume adjustments within the Audio Inspector
  • Adjusting Volume from the Modify Menu or Keyboard
  • Applying fades and crossfades
  • Using audio channels
  • Panning, stereo and surround pans, pan effects, and using panning in the timeline
  • Using pan presets 
  • Working with Audio channels
  • Synchronizing audio and video 
  • Resetting all volume edits

Lesson 4: Applying Audio Effects using Final Cut Pro

  • Equalizing audio in Final Cut Pro
  • Equalization Filters
  • Disabling clip effects
  • Sharing effects between clips
  • Leveling effects
  • Creating reverb, space, time, and echo 
  • Using distortion presets
  • Manipulating voice and pitch using effects
  • Maintaining voice pitch with retiming 

Lesson 5: Multi-Camera (Multicam) Editing in FCP X

  • Multicamera editing essentials
  • Creating multicam clips
  • Viewing and editing multicam clips
  • Cutting between camera angles
  • Using channel selection
  • Trimming when working with multicam clips
  • Changing clip sequences
  • Adjusting synchronization between clips
  • Adding or removing clips

Lesson 6: Keying, Masking, and Compositing in FCP X

  • Working with keying and masking effects
  • Automatic keying 
  • Using manual sampling
  • Applying a garbage mask
  •  Advanced keying capabilities
  • Understanding and applying blend modes
  • Compositing graphics
  • Importing Photoshop Images and working with Photoshop layers

Lesson 7: Using Color Correction, Color Grading, and Color Timing in Final Cut Pro X

  • Understanding color correction, grading, and timing
  • Understanding color correction capabilities
  • Working with video scopes
  • Using the color board 
  • Using color controls
  • Removing color casts
  • Applying color controls globally
  • Modifying contrast 
  • Adjusting saturation
  • Working with color masks
  • Targeting corrections to specific regions
  • Creating color vignettes
  • Using shapes and masks together
  • Masking skin tones to make color adjustments 
  • Masking specific regions such as grass, sky, and water to apply restricted color edits

Lesson 8: Creating animation using keyframing using FCP X

  • Using keyframes
  • Keyframing in the Viewer and the Inspector
  • Adjusting keyframe position
  • Creating travel mattes
  • Creating and applying custom text 
  • Animating split screens 

Lesson 9: Advanced Export and Sharing from Final Cut Pro X

  • Exporting projects and media from Final Cut Pro
  • Using Final Cut Pro with Apple Compressor: sharing files with Compressor
  • Understanding Apple Compressor batches, jobs and Settings
  • Destinations and actions
  • Understanding automatic settings and custom settings
  • Working with encoder and frame settings
  • Creating droplets