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Apple Keynote Class Online December 17, 2021

Apple Keynote Training Class

Fri, Dec 17 2021
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2012-05-01 15:30:56 $495.00

In this Keynote course, discover how to create polished, professional, engaging presentations. Text, photos, charts, sound, even video & animation, are all elements you learn to incorporate in a Keynote class that also teaches you to generate your materials efficiently and deliver the information with confidence. You also find out how to publish your finished presentation to a variety of destinations including PDF, YouTube, and DVD.

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Apple Keynote Training Class Course Topics

Module 1: Creating a presentation

  • Opening Apple Keynote
  • Choosing a theme and slide size in Keynote
  • Selecting a master slide
  • Outlining a presentation in Keynote
  • Pasting text into an outline
  • Formatting text in Keynote
  • Customizing a slide layout
  • Adding a table in Keynote
  • Calculating the value of table cells
  • Fixing spelling errors

Module 2: Adding photos, charts and sound

  • Adding imagery to your Keynote presentation
  • Enhancing photos in Keynote
  • Customizing photo layouts
  • Making part of a photo transparent
  • Adding hyperlinks and navigation
  • Adding a chart
  • Adding audio to a Keynote presentation
  • Adding a global transition in Keynote
  • Reducing the file size of your Keynote presentation
  • Saving media with your Keynote presentation

Module 3: Adding Video and Animation to your Keynote presentation

  • Creating builds to reveal text in your Keynote presentation
  • Revealing a Table in Keynote
  • Creating interleaved builds in Keynote
  • Revealing graphics and charts in Keynote
  • Creating a Smart Build
  • Creating custom animations into your Keynote presentation
  • Adding sound to a build
  • Creating transitions between slides
  • Creating 2D and 3D transitions in Keynote
  • Creating object effects transitions
  • Using text effects transitions
  • Using Magic Move
  • Using video in a slideshow in Keynote
  • Configuring preferences for smooth playback
  • Running your Keynote presentation
  • Pausing and resuming a slideshow in Keynote
  • Troubleshooting your Keynote presentation

Module 4: Creating a custom theme

  • Creating an themes in Keynote
  • Creating a title slide for your Keynote presentation
  • Creating a Photo Master
  • Saving and sharing themes in Keynote
  • Applying a custom theme to your Keynote presentation

Module 5: Importing from PowerPoint and working with Charts

  • Importing a PowerPoint presentation in Keynote
  • Animating a title slide in Keynote
  • Creating and enhancing charts in your Keynote presentation
  • Animating a table in Keynote
  • Adding content from a MSWord document into your Keynote presentation
  • Saving a PowerPoint or PDF File from Keynote

Module 6: Rehearsing and delivering your presentation

  • Reviewing a presentation with Light Table View
  • Adding comments to a Keynote presentation
  • Working with presenter notes in Keynote
  • Indexing your presentation with spotlight
  • Rehearsing your presentation
  • Giving your keynote presentation with a portable computer
  • Using an iPhone or iPod as a remote control
  • Creating a self-running slideshow
  • Running a presentation as a kiosk

Module 7: Publishing your presentation

  • Exporting a PDF
  • Printing handouts
  • Exporting a PDF
  • Exporting to PowerPoint
  • Exporting Images
  • Making a movie: Exporting to QuickTime
  • Exporting to iPod
  • Exporting to HTML
  • Sending to iWeb
  • Sending to YouTube
  • Sharing a presentation with
  • Sharing a presentation with iChat Theater
  • Making a DVD: Exporting to iDVD
  • Exporting a presentation for editing in Final Cut Pro
  • New Font rendering choices