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Graphic Design Courses in Providence, RI

Graphic Design Classes in Providence, Rhode Island

AGI offers Graphic Design classes in Providence, Rhode Island with a live instructor. This includes private Graphic Design training for groups and individuals with a live, in-person instructor that comes to your location in Providence. Or benefit from regularly scheduled Graphic Design courses with a live instructor that you can participate in online from your home or office.

Attend individual Graphic Design Classes or a multi-week graphic design certificate online or in-person program.

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Popular Graphic Design classes in Providence:

Graphic Design Classes in Providence for Individuals

Our live Graphic Design classes are a cost effective way for individuals in Providence, Rhode Island to learn Graphic Design while receiving individualized attention. In these classes you see the instructors screen, hear their voice, and are able to ask questions. Course materials and a headset with microphone are provided with your enrollment. If you prefer to be in the same classroom as an instructor, see our Graphic Design classes listed above for dates and locations of our in-person courses.

Graphic Design Classes in Providence for Groups

If you have three or more people that need Graphic Design training in Providence, Rhode Island, AGI offers live, on-site training at your location for your group. We also have dedicated classroom space at our offices in several U.S. cities if you prefer to hold the course in one of our training centers.

Submit a request for private training information for your group in Providence, Rhode Island or call 800-851-9237 for more information.

Graphic Design Courses in Providence, RI Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.

Course Name Course Dates Event Location Fee Register
February 15, 17, 22, 24
Tue, Feb 15 2022 to
Thu, Feb 24 2022

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
American Graphics Institute Providence RI
2021-10-26T13:29:55-04:00 $695.00
March 1, 3, 8, 10
Tue, Mar 1 2022 to
Thu, Mar 10 2022

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
American Graphics Institute Providence RI
2021-10-26T13:44:20-04:00 $695.00
March 29, 31, April 5, 7
Tue, Mar 29 2022 to
Thu, Apr 7 2022

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
American Graphics Institute Providence RI
2021-10-26T13:53:04-04:00 $595.00
May 9, 11, 16, 18
Mon, May 9 2022 to
Wed, May 18 2022

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
American Graphics Institute Providence RI
2021-10-26T13:36:07-04:00 $695.00

Graphic Design Classes in Providence Course Details and Outlines

Fundamentals of Graphic Design Workshop

Learn design concepts and principles to increase your confidence in designs that you create while making certain they follow best practices and principles in this intensive graphic design course. Discover how guidelines and theories impact layout, type and color in this one-day graphic design course that teaches fundamental skills that are practical for users across various roles and functions.

Typography Training Class

In this graphic design class focused on typography, learn to communicate more effectively with type. Fill in the gaps in your typographic knowledge and learn how to “see” type like you’ve never seen it before. Every creative professional regardless of specialty can benefit from understanding typography. This typography course is available as a live online class, at our training centers, or on-site. Typography classes are also available for groups or teams.

UX Class: UX Design Principles

In this UX class participants learn the core principles of UX design and gain an understanding of the UX design process. Learn all stages of the user experience design process, from determining a UX strategy, developing user scenarios, creating UX personas, UX research strategies, prioritizing content, developing an information architecture (IA), testing user interface (UI), and incorporating feedback. This UX design class provides a strong foundation for creating user-centered designs, whether in the fields of web design, app design, interface or product design.

UX Class: Rapid prototyping training

Learn Rapid Prototyping UX skills in this live class led by an expert in the user experience design field. Participants discover how to efficiently create, share and test concepts, designs and structure for websites and apps through the rapid prototyping UX design process. Learn best practices for UX prototyping and testing before investing in final user experience designs. Gain an understanding of the process for rapid iteration of UX designs and creating mockups. Find out ways to improve the efficiency of the design and development process in this Rapid Prototyping UX workshop.

InDesign Class - Introduction

In this introductory InDesign class learn to create professional designs such as flyers, brochures, marketing sheets that can be shared in print or as PDF. In this InDesign course you'll discover how to efficiently create documents using advanced typographic controls and intuitive graphic features. You will also discover techniques that will help to make your InDesign publications look polished and professional.

InDesign Training Class - Intermediate

This intermediate InDesign class helps you to work more efficiently and create better designs. Learn advanced typography, color controls, styles, libraries, and prepress controls in this intermediate InDesign course.

InDesign Class - Advanced

Move from proficiency to mastery with this advanced InDesign class. Created for designers ready to explore the exceptional capabilities of InDesign, participants learn how to leverage templates, advanced color features, create interactive documents, and share using digital publishing options in this two-day advanced InDesign course.

InDesign Bootcamp

This four-day comprehensive InDesign bootcamp training provides introductory through advanced digital publishing skills using Adobe InDesign. This InDesign bootcamp combines our introductory through intermediate InDesign classes into four consecutive days, providing you with a comprehensive workshop. The material covered is identical to the introductory and intermediate InDesign courses, but is delivered in a single week. You start by learning essential InDesign skills and end the week with a full set of experience using styles, adding interactivity, creating digital documents and much more.

Photoshop Class - Introduction

This introductory Photoshop class teaches foundation skills for working effectively and creatively. Learn to be more productive and to create higher quality images efficiently. Gain skills for editing, retouching, and enhancing images. Learn how to make selective changes, color correct, and retouch your images using Photoshop. This Photoshop class is led by a live instructor, as are all courses at American Graphics Institute,

Photoshop Class - Intermediate

This intermediate Photoshop class covers more advanced use of Photoshop's tools, filters, and layers. Discover how to take advantage of a comprehensive range of creative effects. Learn to improve efficiency through the use automation features, such as actions, buttons, smart objects, and Photoshop's artificial intelligence capabilities.

Photoshop Class - Advanced

This advanced Photoshop class is for users who have already accomplished basic masking and retouching tasks in Photoshop. In this course attendees learn how to create complex composites, work at an advanced level with color correction, and build incredible masks.

Photoshop Bootcamp

This four-day comprehensive Photoshop bootcamp provides introductory through intermediate photo editing skills. This bootcamp combines our introductory through intermediate Photoshop classes into four consecutive days, providing you with an intensive workshop. The material covered is identical to the introductory and intermediate Photoshop courses, but is delivered in a single week. You start by learning essential Photoshop skills and end the week with a full set of experience creating images for use across a variety of platforms and uses.

Adobe Illustrator Class - Introduction

In this introduction to Adobe Illustrator class, you discover the tools that help you create professional quality artwork. This Illustrator course introduces you to the workspace, tools for creating shapes, and additional options for adding color and text. You also discover how to use layers so that you can maximize your productivity right away.This Illustrator course is for beginners who are new to the application or for those who have experience but have received no formal Illustrator training.

Adobe Illustrator Class - Advanced

In this advanced Adobe Illustrator class discover how to take advantage of symbols, effects, styles, and transparencies along with advanced drawing and blending techniques. This Illustrator course covers advanced techniques for creating artwork with more impact, while using the tools to work more efficiently. This class is for those who have completed the introductory Illustrator training or have a complete understanding of all topics covered in the introduction to Adobe Illustrator course.

Adobe Illustrator Bootcamp

This four-day comprehensive Adobe Illustrator course provides you with comprehensive illustrator skills. This Illustrator bootcamp combines our introductory through advanced Illustrator classes into four consecutive days, providing you with an intensive workshop. The material covered is identical to the introductory and advanced Illustrator courses but is delivered in a single week. Start by learning essential Illustrator skills and end the week with a full set of experience creating designs, logos, layouts, using graphic styles, the blend tool, understanding gradients, and much more.

Graphic Design Class for High School Students

This Graphic Design Class is part of the graphic design classes for high school students offered at American Graphics Institute. In this course students learn the principles of great design and typography from a design industry professional while using professional-grade Adobe design software to create digital drawings, logos, advertisements, magazine layouts, and more. Students complete the two-week program by creating a digital portfolio or project to showcase their work. No prior art or design experience is necessary for participating in this program.

Graphic Design Portfolio

In this portfolio course, graphic design certificate program participants work with their instructor to select projects to showcase, create a portfolio showcasing their talents, and discuss which works to show and how to present them. This class involved developing an online portfolio to show and share work that has been developed both as part of the program and independently. This workshop is designed to help you both create your online portfolio and to showcase skills and capabilities.

Graphic Design Project

This course consists of a practical graphic design project in which students apply the design skills they have learned into a project that is selected by the student and reviewed by their instructor. The graphic design project starts with planning, meeting with the client, creating a creative brief, developing the product, client review and feedback, final delivery, and project review by their peers and instructor. This graphic design course is available as part of the Graphic Design Certificate program.

Design Thinking Course

Learn Design Thinking principles that are part of the human-centered design process. Discover ways to think and processes to identify valuable insights and information that help to improve any project. This course is applicable to UX design, product design, as well as non-design roles such as product managers, business analysts, and client services. It is useful for anyone that needs to take ideas and convert them into effective designs and products.

Learning Graphic Design in Providence

Learning Graphic Design is easier with the right instructor, resources, and support. American Graphics Institute offers Graphic Design training in Providence. These professional development courses make it possible for individuals in Providence to learn Graphic Design. You can benefit by participating in live Graphic Design classes led by the same instructors who teach Graphic Design at AGI locations, and can do this without needing to travel to a classroom. These regularly scheduled professional development Graphic Design courses occur in real-time and provide small-group sessions, making Graphic Design classes accessible to those in and around Providence, Rhode Island. Enrollment for these public Graphic Design classes is available under the class dates section.

Private Graphic Design training in Providence

Groups, such as companies, organizations, and departments that need live, in-person Graphic Design training in Providence can have a live, in-person instructor come on-site to their company. AGI can deliver a Graphic Design workshop in Providence that is customized to your specific needs, or the training can be delivered using standard curriculum. Scheduling for private Graphic Design training in Providence can occur on specific dates that align to your schedule, and the Graphic Design class time can also be adjusted to accommodate your organizations needs. Contact AGI to discuss options if you are interested in arranging private Graphic Design training.