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Advanced HTML Training Class: HTML5 & CSS3

HTML Training Class - Advanced

Advanced HTML Training Class Description

This advanced HTML class is for those who wish to gain a better understanding HTML and CSS capabilities. It is available as a regularly scheduled class in our classroom with a live instructor in the same room, or as a live online class. This advanced HTML course can also be held as private workshop for your organization. This two-day advanced HTML training course combines learning new techniques with practicing them using hands-on exercises for building and maintaining websites with modern HTML5 and CSS3. This class covers the newer sectioning elements, as well as styling with CSS3. Additionally, some of the supporting technologies related to CSS3 such as Local Storage and Geolocation are also covered. Previous experience with HTML and CSS is required before participating in this course. Please review the prerequisites for the advanced HTML course, at the bottom of this page, before registering. While this class does cover CSS3, if you are interested in a class focused entirely on Cascading Style Sheets, review the CSS training courses.

In this advanced HTML class you will learn:

  • The context and evolution of HTML to HTML5.
  • How to understand, use, and apply modern HTML markup
  • The best ways to create and use modern HTML forms
  • Ways to incorporate HTML video and audio online
  • How the canvas element is used in HTML
  • Methods for styling HTML elements
This course is available individually or as part of these certificate programs:

Advanced HTML Training Class: HTML5 & CSS3 Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


Please call 800-851-9237 or 781-376-6044 to schedule a course.

Contact AGI to request course dates.

Advanced HTML Training Class Topics Covered

Defining modern HTML

  • History and overview

Overview of advanced HTML functionality

  • New markup and elements (header, footer, nav elements)
  • Form Elements
  • Video and Audio tags
  • Canvas Element
  • Styling with CSS3
  • Geolocation
  • Offline support
  • Web Forms
  • HTML5 Examples
  • HTML and web browsers, the roadmap

Advanced HTML Markup

  • Using the HTML5 Doctype and character encoding
  • Using the <header> element
  • Using the <nav> element
  • Understanding the <article> element
  • Working with <section> element
  • Working with dates and caption
  • Understanding the Role attribute

Creating Advanced HTML Forms

  • Working with new input types
  • Email
  • URL
  • Range and number
  • Search Fields
  • Date Pickers
  • Placeholder text
  • Autofocus
  • HTML 4 fallbacks for forms

Working with the video and audio tags

  • Video basics (Codecs and browser support)
  • Working with the video element
  • Video attributes (autoplay, preloading, looping)
  • Using the audio element
  • Audio MIME types and fallbacks
  • Improving Accessibility

Working with the Canvas element in HTML

  • The role (and limitations) of the canvas element
  • Creating fallbacks (browser support)
  • Understanding the coordinate system
  • Paths
  • Fills and Strokes
  • Text
  • Images
  • Transforms
  • Compositing
  • A Drawing Loop
  • Adding Interactivity
  • PNG-based sprite animation

Styling HTML elements

  • Working with CSS
  • Styling with CSS 2 versus CSS 3 features
  • Browser support and testing
  • Borders
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors
  • Text Effects
  • Sizing and Positioning
  • Selectors
  • Web fonts

Advanced HTML Applications and Interactivity

  • Understanding HTML5’s offline capabilities
  • HTML Storage
  • Working with the revised JavaScript API
  • Geolocation API
  • Web Sockets


Advanced HTML Training Class Prerequisites

Prior knowledge of building HTML sites with CSS is highly recommended for this course. If you are new to HTML, you should first take the introductory HTML training course or if you are self-taught, please make certain you are familiar with all the topics covered in the introductory HTML course. The material covered in the HTML Training Class provides a solid foundation for learning HTML5 and fully relates to everything you will learn in our HTML5 training class.

Advanced HTML Training Class Materials

The Advanced HTML training course includes a copy of AGI's own HTML5 Digital Classroom book, published by AGI and John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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