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JavaScript & jQuery Training Course

JavaScript & jQuery Training Course

JavaScript & jQuery: Overview

In this course, you’ll start by covering the fundamentals of JavaScript and then move on to more advanced topics. Learn to use jQuery to quickly and easily write powerful JavaScript, and leverage useful jQuery plugins. 

In this course, you’ll learn advanced ways to style content and target elements with CSS. 

Improve the layout of your webpages using an alternate box-model, implement vector graphics, create visual effects, and more. Learn more about positioning, work with advanced CSS selectors, and leverage CSS variables. Optimize your pages with responsive images using CSS media queries, img srcset, and picture elements. 

Prerequisite: HTML and CSS coding experience is required for this course.

JavaScript & jQuery Training Course Course Dates

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JavaScript & jQuery: Full Overview

Section 1

  • Fundamentals of JavaScript Code
  • Reusing Code with Functions
  • Simple Accordion with JavaScript
  • If Statements: Clearing Form Fields

Section 2

  • Introduction to JavaScript Objects & the DOM
  • Dynamically Changing Content with Custom Objects
  • Introduction to Arrays & the Math Object
  • Introduction to For Loops

Section 3

  • Exploring JavaScript Selectors
  • Photo Filter Website: User Friendly Navigation
  • Photo Filter Website: Getting the Photos to Filter
  • Photo Filter Website: Creating an Exclusive Filter

Section 4

  • Showing/Hiding Content with jQuery Animation
  • Sharing JavaScript Across Pages
  • jQuery Hover Animation
  • More Advanced jQuery Showing/Hiding

Section 5

  • jQuery Lightbox: A Pop-up Image Viewer
  • jQuery Cycle: A Simple Slideshow
  • jQuery Cycle: Adding Slideshow Controls

Section 6

  • jQuery Cycle: Adding a Pause Button
  • jQuery Form Validation
  • jQuery Image Carousel

JavaScript & jQuery: Course Prerequisites

HTML and CSS coding experience is required for this course. 

JavaScript & jQuery: Course Materials

You will receive a comprehensive workbook for course review and supplementary learning. 

Call (800) 851-9237 to schedule a private class or to speak with a training consultant.

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