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Maya Training Class - Introduction August 1, 2022

Maya Training Class - Introduction

Mon, Aug 1 2022 to
Thu, Aug 4 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2021-02-17 15:58:58 $1,595.00

This Maya class teaches the foundational skills for working with this powerful 3D, animation, modeling, and rendering application. Master the Maya workspace, interface and essential tools. Learn to use Maya to model realistic hard surface models for both feature and real time application. Find out how to prepare props and models for animation by rigging, and learn to animate using cameras, logos, props, and character rigs. Learn to use Maya to create and assign realistic materials, light, and render using the included render engines. Attend this comprehensive Maya course online with a live instructor, or in our classrooms.

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Introduction to Maya Class Topics

  • Understand Autodesk Maya interface, workspace, preferences and settings
  • Learn to navigate within Maya including quick keys and essential interface navigation skills
  • Gain foundational skills with basic polygon editing tools 
  • Find out how to use Maya's editing modes to create and modify Polygon Models
  • Learn Maya's Curve tools and Generating Surfaces
  • Discover importing curves from other applications for architecture renderings and logo animations
  • Learn Maya workflow
  • Understand Maya for modeling hard surface objects with angular edges and bevels
  • Learn UV Unwrapping and texturing techniques for cubic  and hard surface objects 
  • Gain an introduction to spherical and cylindrical hard surface modeling in Maya
  • Use UV Unwrapping spherical and cylindrical objects  for texturing
  • Learn to create photo realistic models in Maya
  • Find out how to use Maya to create Surfaces, Latices and Deformers
  • Gain an introduction to Rigging in Maya
  • Find out about using MEL, Joints, and Painting Skin Weights in Maya
  • Learn to plan Animation sequences using X-Sheets
  • Gain an introduction to Animation in Maya, the Graph Editor, and the Dope Sheet editor
  • Essential Maya Animation tools 
  • Learn to use Maya for animating on a Path, Animating using Constraints, Animating using Rigs
  • Discover Maya animation principles including: Appeal, Overlap, Anticipation, Exaggeration, and Staging
  • Find out about essential Materials, Surfaces, Textures and the HyperShade Editor in Maya
  • Learn to use Maya's Substance Materials and presets
  • Bump vs Normal vs Displacement workflows in Autodesk Maya
  • Learn to use Lighting, 1pt, 2pt, 3+pt, interior, exterior, and Image Based Lighting models
  • Get an introduction to Arnold Render Engine
  • Learn Rendering & Render Pipeline setup for Still Images and Animation based projects
  • Find out how to create a render pipeline
  • Learn to output from Maya to After Effects for editing