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Microsoft Excel Class Online August 8, 2022 BootCamp

Excel Bootcamp

Mon, Aug 8 2022 to
Wed, Aug 10 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
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2020-03-30 18:10:48 $747.00

The Excel Bootcamp includes three essential Excel classes at a discounted rate. Start by learning formulas, functions, and charts. Progress into more complex database functions, including learning to use VLOOKUP and also SUMIFS. Also learn to create advanced visualizations to share your work visually as well as Pivot Tables to organize your data. Discover essential Excel techniques that can save you time and effort by having Excel perform repetitive tasks as you learn to use shortcuts, macros, create advanced formulas.

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Excel Bootcamp: Topics Covered

Topics covered in the Microsoft Excel Bootcamp include the following:

Getting Started with Excel

  • Getting to know the Excel Interface: learn to navigate within the Excel interface to access commands and functions.
  • Data Entry using Excel: Understand various ways of entering data into an Excel file.

Using Excel Formulas

  • Autofill in Excel: Learn to use Excel's predictive data entry
  • Excel Calculations: Use excel for mathematical expressions
  • True / False: Learn to have Excel test for matching data using true/false
  • Functions in Excel: Discover essential AutoSum functions including: Sum, Average, Max, Min, and Count Numbers
  • Excel’s Text Functions: Learn to use functions to modify text
  • Multi-Input Functions: Learn advanced functions that require multiple inputs
  • Constant (Absolute) Cell References: Learn to create constant cell references when required for calculations

Formatting Worksheets in Excel

  • Formatting Excel sheets and content: Learn to provide visual cues to those reviewing sheets with formatting.
  • Using the Format Painter in Excel: Learn to duplicate formatting from one cell to others.
  • Applying Conditional Formatting: Discover how to apply formatting depending upon rules relating to content.

Working with Charts in Excel

  • Understanding chart types
  • Creating Line Chart: Create a line charts and spark lines to represent data visually.
  • Column Charts using Excel: Learn to create column charts for data visualization.
  • Pie Charts in Excel: Discover how to create pie charts for data visualization.
  • Customizing charts: Adjusting charts to meet your design requirements.
  • Creating Tables: Understand the functionality available when data is presented as a table.

Excel Workbook Management

  • Printing & Exporting from Excel: Understand ways to easily print or convert Excel content to PDF.
  • Using Multiple Worksheets in Excel: Learn to organize data by creating, moving, copying and managing Excel worksheets.
  • Using Repeat Action: Learn to quickly duplicate prior actions in Excel.
  • Saving Time with Excel Shortcuts: Discover shortcuts that save time and help you to work more efficiently.

Excel Worksheet Management

  • Efficient Excel Navigation: Discover shortcuts for quick and easy navigation within Excel.
  • Using Paste Special: Learn to apply formats and perform calculations on selected cells.

Understanding Text Functions and Validation

  • Splitting Text: Adapt Text to Columns for splitting text into multiple cells.
  • Joining Text: Combine text from different cells.
  • Named Ranges:  Assign names to ranges of cells for referencing when conducting calculations.
  • Data Validation: Create drop-down menus, making it easier to enter data accurately.
  • Sort & Filter: Locate and organize data in large data sets using sort and filter options.
  • Remove Duplicates: Learn to remove duplicate data from a sheet.

Using Database Functions

  • VLOOKUP: Learn to use Vlookup to locate and return related information across different columns.
  • HLOOKUP: Find out how to use Hlookup to locate and return related information across different rows.
  • VLOOKUP - Closet Match: Discover how to use Vlookup to find the closest match when an exact match is not identified.

Understanding Logical Functions

  • AND, OR: Find out how to use and/or to determine if one or more conditions are met.
  • IF statements: Learn about using IF statements to return data based on the contents of other cells.

Working with Pivot Tables

  • Pivot Tables: Discover how to use Pivot Tables to easily summarize large sets of data.
  • Pivot Tables & Grouping: Create groups within Pivot Tables.
  • Multiple Pivot Tables: Find out how to build several pivot tables within a single Excel sheet.

Using Statistical Functions

  • Ranking: Learn about Rank.eq and Rank.avg functions for determining the position of a cell within a larger array.
  • COUNTIFS: Discover the COUNTIFS function for counting cells based upon conditions.
  • SUMIFS: Apply SUMIFS function to sum cells based upon conditions.

Advanced Chart Creation

  • Combo Charts: Learn to combine two or more charts into a single chart
  • Chart axis: Find out how to add a secondary axis to a chart.

Excel Cell Management

  • Cell Locking: Learn to create powerful formulas by locking columns or rows.
  • Cell Auditing: Understand the relationship between formulas and cells.
  • Windows: Discover techniques for editing active windows.
  • Hot Keys: Learn to use the ribbon as a custom set of personalized shortcuts.

Using Special Formatting in Excel

  • Date functions: Learn to calculate dates using several functions
  • Conditional Formatting of Formulas: Discover how to use conditional formatting of formulas using custom rules.

Understanding Advanced Excel Functions

  • Nested IF statements: Learn to use nested IF statements to create multiple options for populating cells
  • IF statements using AND/OR: Learn additional IF functions available by using AND / OR

Using Excel for What If Analysis

  • Goal Seek: Adjust input values to find desired results
  • Data Tables: Display the range of effects for one or two variables on a formula using Data Tables.

Understanding Advanced Analytical Tools in Excel

  • Data Consolidation: Learn to summarize data from separate ranges, consolidating it to a specific output range
  • Conditional SumProduct: Learn how using SumProduct with conditions excludes data that fails to meet specific criteria
  • Pivot Table-Calculations: Learn to create calculated columns and rows using a Pivot Table to expand beyond source data
  • Pivot Charts: Learn to build dynamic visual representations of data from pivot tables

Using Excel’s Advanced Database Functions

  • MATCH function: Learn to return the column or row number of a lookup value
  • VLOOKUP-MATCH: Create more accurate VLookUps through enhancing the determination of the Column Index number
  • INDEX-MATCH: Efficiently return values and references from cells at the intersection of the row and column
  • INDEX-Double MATCH: Learn to use a second Match function to create powerful two-way lookups

Learning Macros in Excel

  • Recording Macros: Learn to record Macros involving formatting and calculations
  • Relative Macros: Understand how to create relative reference macros used in ad-hoc reporting