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Microsoft Excel Class in Boston on October 13, 2022 Intermediate

Excel Class - Intermediate

Thu, Oct 13 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
AGI Training Boston
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Boston
120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801

2020-03-13 00:12:19 $249.00

This Intermediate Excel class will deepen your knowledge with hands-on training. Learn to quickly find data with VLOOKUP as well as build Pivot Tables to summarize and analyze. Create advanced charts, and work with text using text functions. Learn to use statistical formulas including COUNTIFS and SUMIFS for understanding data. Expand your skills and improve your efficiency with this intermediate Excel course.

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Intermediate Excel Class Topics Covered

Topics covered in the intermediate Microsoft Excel course include the following:

Excel Worksheet Management

  • Efficient Excel Navigation: Discover shortcuts for quick and easy navigation within Excel.
  • Using Paste Special: Learn to apply formats and perform calculations on selected cells.

Understanding Text Functions and Validation

  • Splitting Text: Adapt Text to Columns for splitting text into multiple cells.
  • Joining Text: Combine text from different cells.
  • Named Ranges:  Assign names to ranges of cells for referencing when conducting calculations.
  • Data Validation: Create drop-down menus, making it easier to enter data accurately.
  • Sort & Filter: Locate and organize data in large data sets using sort and filter options.
  • Remove Duplicates: Learn to remove duplicate data from a sheet.

Using Database Functions

  • VLOOKUP: Learn to use Vlookup to locate and return related information across different columns.
  • HLOOKUP: Find out how to use Hlookup to locate and return related information across different rows.
  • VLOOKUP - Closet Match: Discover how to use Vlookup to find the closest match when an exact match is not identified.

Understanding Logical Functions

  • AND, OR: Find out how to use and/or to determine if one or more conditions are met.
  • IF statements: Learn about using IF statements to return data based on the contents of other cells.

Working with Pivot Tables

  • Pivot Tables: Discover how to use Pivot Tables to easily summarize large sets of data.
  • Pivot Tables & Grouping: Create groups within Pivot Tables.
  • Multiple Pivot Tables: Find out how to build several pivot tables within a single Excel sheet.

Using Statistical Functions

  • Ranking: Learn about Rank.eq and Rank.avg functions for determining the position of a cell within a larger array.
  • COUNTIFS: Discover the COUNTIFS function for counting cells based upon conditions.
  • SUMIFS: Apply SUMIFS function to sum cells based upon conditions.

Advanced Chart Creation

  • Combo Charts: Learn to combine two or more charts into a single chart
  • Chart axis: Find out how to add a secondary axis to a chart.