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PowerPoint Class Online August 18, 2022

PowerPoint Training Class

Thu, Aug 18 2022
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2012-09-25 15:21:50 $495.00

This PowerPoint training course teaches you to quickly and easily create effective and exciting presentations. In this PowerPoint course you will discover how to create new presentations, create and use templates, apply styles, use the various viewing modes, and work efficiently.

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Microsoft PowerPoint Training Class Topics

Getting Started with PowerPoint

Understanding the PowerPoint user interface

The Ribbon and Backstage view

Choosing a look with the Design tab


Building PowerPoint presentation content

Building an outline

Editing slide content

Formatting inserted images

Creating notes pages

Using the Reading view

Working with text, images, and visual effects

Simplified text handling

Inserting images into a PowerPoint presentation

Adding and editing animations

Transitions and slide sorter


Using PowerPoint's Design tools

Understanding templates

Applying themes to a slide show

Customizing a theme in the Slide Master view


Designing PowerPoint Presentations

Building better slides

Working with text

Filling in an existing text area

Adding and styling text boxes

Using the Format pane to style and format text

Aligning text using columns and rows

Autofit and text boxes

Styling text with WordArt

Formatting presentations

Applying background images and colors


The Slide Master view and PowerPoint Themes

Editing the Slide Master

Creating custom slide layouts

Adding a custom slide layout

Completing a custom layout

Customizing a presentation theme

Changing a theme’s visual scheme

Creating and applying a custom theme to a PowerPoint presentation


Using Tables, Charts, and SmartArt

Giving structure to content

Transforming text into SmartArt

Formatting bulleted lists as SmartArt

Visually editing a flowchart

Styling a piece of SmartArt

Piecing together SmartArt


Linking and embedding external data

Embedding an Excel worksheet

Editing embedded objects

Creating a linked object

Creating a chart from tabular data

Generating charts in PowerPoint

Editing individual chart elements

Linking a chart to external Excel data

Styling charts and graphs


Adding Graphics and Multimedia to Your Presentation

Beyond bulleted lists and bar graphs

Using PowerPoint’s drawing tools

Recoloring and adjusting images

Cropping an image

Reordering images

Adding visual impact with animations

Creating a crossfade effect

Creating complex scenes by clustering animations

Enriching slides with sound effects

Adding background sounds to a presentation

Trimming and triggering sound effects

Adding custom actions to slide objects

Integrating video into a presentation

Embedding and formatting video

Embedding local video

Media compression and compatibility


Laying out slide elements

Taking advantage of the grid

Working with alignment guides

Grouping and ungrouping elements


Delivering PowerPoint presentations

Preparing for your presentation

Setting up the slide show

Controlling your presentation from the keyboard


Creating custom slide shows & Presentation Delivery

Presenting in slide show preview

Mission control: PowerPoint’s presenter view

Using speaker notes

Formatting and printing notes pages

Designing a printed handout

Navigating with the slide sorter

Going to a black or white screen

Focusing audience with the Pen tools

Using the laser pointer and highlighter

Keeping ink annotations

Customizing the PowerPoint quick access toolbar


Rehearsing your presentation

Recording slide and presentation timings

Recording narration and pointer movements

Tweaking and removing timings, narration, and laser pointer movements


Delivering PowerPoint Presentations online

Delivering a presentation online

Embedding your slide show in a web page

Presentation tips