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Photography Class in Boston on December 11, 2020 Introduction part 1

Photography Course: Introduction

Fri, Dec 11 2020
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
AGI Training Boston
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Boston
120 Presidential Way
Woburn MA 01801

2016-04-05 15:11:49 $325.00

This introductory digital photography course offered in our Boston location provides a comprehensive guide to the proper use of a digital SLR camera. Students explore major camera controls, functions, components and accessories; the interrelationship between light, ISO, shutter speed and aperture, metering light for correct exposure; and how different focal length lenses affect the look of our images. A camera that can be set in manual mode is required for this full-day class.

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Understanding Photography Equipment

  • Types of cameras bodies
  • Choosing a case
  • Memory cards
  • Lens types
  • Filters and gels
  • Tripods, Speed lights, and more

Learn to photograph using natural light

  • Benefits of natural lighting
  • Understanding types of natural light
  • Light direction
  • Working with shutter speed and aperture controls
  • Natural light diffusion
  • Using reflectors

Using your camera in manual mode

  • Discovering your camera’s controls
  • Exposure: shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity

How aperture & shutter speed impact photography

  • Getting the best light for your image
  • Working in different lighting situations

Taking advantage of white balance

  • Understanding neutrals and how you use them
  • Balancing your light
  • Using gray cards

Discovering how to meter light to improve your photographs

  • Internal meters vs hand held
  • Using your light meter
  • Measuring your light form different sources

Photograhic Image composition

  • Compositional rules
  • Leaving room for motion

Understanding how ISO impacts photographs

  • How raising or lowering ISO affects your image
  • Working with image grain

Working with various lens types on your camera

  • Lens speed
  • Lens options
  • Prime vs Zoom lens

Understanding lens speed and options for different photographic scenarios

  • Creating depth of field
  • Creating motion blur

Understanding image size and resolution

  • Finding the file size of your image
  • Understanding resolution needs
  • Knowing where you image will be used
  • Using Camera Raw

Understanding photographic image file types

  • Best image types for digital photography
  • Image compression
  • File size and compatibility of your photographs