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SQL Level 1

SQL Level 1

SQL Level 1: Course Description

Get comfortable with the fundamentals of SQL, how relational databases work, and start pulling data with SQL queries. Learn the basics of relational databases and SQL in this course. Quickly get up and running to start pulling data from databases with SQL. Learn to perform calculations and manipulate data with SELECT, ORDER, GROUP, SUM, and more. 


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SQL Level 1: Full Overview

Basic Concepts

1) Microsoft SQL Server

2) What is SQL?

3) What are Relational Databases?

The Graphic User Interface

4) Object Explorer

5) Query Window

6) Results Grid

7) Options

The Code

8) Basic Clauses

9) Field and Table Aliases

10) Creative use of Aliases

11) Inner Table Joins

12) Aggregations

13) Distinct Records

14) Text Criteria & Operators

15) Wildcard Filters

16) Numeric Criteria & Operators

Student Labs

Prerequisites: This is a beginner course and requires no prior coding experience.

You will receive a training manual created by our experts for course review. 

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