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Design Thinking Course Online March 15 2021

Design Thinking Course

Mon, Mar 15 2021
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Live online course
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

2021-01-13 20:46:32 $495.00

Learn Design Thinking principles that are part of the human-centered design process. Discover ways to think and processes to identify valuable insights and information that help to improve any project. This course is applicable to UX design, product design, as well as non-design roles such as product managers, business analysts, and client services. It is useful for anyone that needs to take ideas and convert them into effective designs and products.

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Design thinking principles

Discover how to go beyond typical constraints and recognize solutions and success through various interactive exercises. Topics include:

  •     Adjusting your attitude
  •     Challenging assumptions
  •     Deferring judgment
  •     Breaking traditional rules
  •     Taking risks, making mistakes.
  •     Recognize that is acceptable to give and receive criticism

Research: the foundation of all great design thinking solutions

Learn to recognize the needs of users, their goals, typical scenarios, environments and more. Topics include:

  •     Overview of the processes for discovering user needs
  •     Interviews, surveys, journey mapping and more
  •     Creating scenarios and stories to understand goals
  •     Converting research into usable information

Discovery in the design thinking process

Find out how to use design thinking artifacts:

  •     Using iterative and interactive methods to map ideas
  •     Discovering important ideas through brainstorming
  •     Finding out what your product can do best and promoting it
  •     Understanding goals, and how to achieve tangible results

Converting content into information design

Defining what information is most important for the users to complete their goals.

  •     Prioritizing design elements, eliminating distractions
  •     Iterative processes you can use to share your information with your team
  •     Discovering how to eliminate distractions and focus on most important content
  •     Building relevant content based upon goals

Converting ideas to visual design

Discover design fundamentals that help users reach their goals. In this section attendees discover how to build clean simple designs based upon the concepts of the International typographic style. The history of design, as it applies to modern design is covered in a manner which helps the attendees have more confidence in their design decisions and recognize good design.

  •     Discover the importance of sketching and iteration
  •     Understanding that there is a reason for every element in the design
  •     Keeping distractions at a minimum
  •     Create designs using easily accessible resources
  •     Giving and receiving feedback
  •     Defending design decisions with confidence