› XML Publishing Class Online December 19, 2016 Introduction

XML Publishing Class Online December 19, 2016 Introduction

Introduction to XML Publishing Training Classes

Mon, Dec 19 2016 to Tue, Dec 20 2016
9:30 a.m.
American Graphics Institute
Online Training
American Graphics Institute AGI Training Online Online

Discover the simplicity and power of eXtensible Markup Language in this basic XML course. Understand the role and importance of DTDs, learn best practices for real-word XML usage, and generate properly structured content for web or print publishing. This XML class also introduces advanced topics such as entities, notations, and XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Notations) to round out your XML skills.

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Introduction to XML Publishing Training Class - Topics Covered

XML Essentials

  • What is XML
  • The importance of XML for repurposing content
  • Example XML workflows
  • Print content converted for on-line use
  • Web use
  • Syndication
  • RSS
  • Print content converted for archiving
  • DAM systems
  • Web content converted to print
  • XML imported into InDesign layout
  • Workflow considerations
  • Creating structured content
  • XML Characteristics
  • Exporting XML
  • Importing XML

Using DTDs

  • The importance of the DTD
  • DTD and Schemas
  • Creating a DTD
  • Comments within a DTD
  • Linking to DTD
  • Validating XML to DTD
  • Existing DTDs
  • DocBook
  • DITA

Publishing XML to the Web

  • Print-to-web
  • Code Completion tools
  • Code validation tools

Best Practices

  • Real-world XML workflows
  • Scripting
  • Including formatting instructions in XML
  • 3rd party solutions


  • Scripts
  • XSLT
  • DTD
  • XML

Advanced Topics

  • Using Non-Roman characters
  • Entities
  • Notations

XSLT Overview

  • How XSLT can transform XML
  • How XSLT can “clean up” XML to remove print workflow related content (ie: end of line markers, paragraph markers).
  • Nested objects (aka inline objects)