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Recent Reviews

Great job, thank you!

Great course!

Outstanding graphic design class! Learned a lot! Very knowledgeable teacher.

Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable about graphic design and personable. A very effective teacher.

Teacher had a great attitude and was approachable. She explains technical definitions clearly. Fun class. I was surprised at how many notes and ideas I took away from this course.

I really enjoyed the class! Jennifer is so knowledgeable. Thank you!

Great instructor.

This class was so great we had Jennifer back to deliver this course a second time! I am so happy I was able to attend this time around :-) I look forward to your next class! The training was so eye opening as to technology and design. This course will be so helpful in my work and personal life.

Instructor was both friendly and professional. Used great methods to teach and explain the content of the course.

One of the best training workshops I have ever attended. Excellent Instructor who was very informative and very easy to listen to. Excellent!

This course was great and so much fun :D

Well-run class. The teacher was very good at explaing UX concepts and how to apply them. He was also good at time management and ensuring everyone was following along.

Jennifer was patient with the class as most of our group did not have formal design education before this class. All material was applicable and she kept it engaging. We loved this class!

Jennifer was a very knowledgeable graphic design teacher and quite helpful.

Chris was a great instructor and this Google Analytics training was really helpful to me. He went a little overtime at the very end of the day, but it was because of specific questions from the participants. He answered every question clearly and in a way that related directly to each participants job and website.

Alex was my instructor for the intro Premier Pro class and I was happy to see that he was teaching the advanced class too! He does a great job and is very knowledgeable.Looking forward to my next class!

Very patient teacher who knows Premiere Pro inside-out.

Really enjoyed his teaching. He made it fun and created a great learning environment.

Mike was great. I couldn't have asked for a better Sketchup instructor. He was very patient with me and this class helped me immensely. I can't stress this enough. The course was so good. I loved it. The class was perfect. I'm so grateful. Everything was great. I was pleasantly surprised at the kitchen area for the students. Generously stocked with drinks and healthy food selections.

The course was great, I appreciate the exercises to absorb skills before moving on to the next thing. I was a true beginner and appreciate that I can retake the class if needed.

Overall the Creative Cloud class was fantastic. Michael was great as an instructor. He was fun and pleasantly interactive. He kept things moving along at a reasonable pace, and made sure that all participants could follow along. It was enjoyable and easy to follow. There were a few glitches but over all not enough to impact the ability to easily follow the course.

Alex was a great instructor! He made learning Premiere Pro interesting and kept the flow moving. He did a good job making sure everyone was able to keep up and understand each topic.

Michael was great, very attentive to questions and patient with beginners.

Michael was able to point out new methods for things I already do in Illustrator. He was very clear and concise and managed to get through a lot of material in the allotted time.

I took the intro Premiere Pro course and it was a good fit for me even though some of the information I had already learned on my own. This course helped me understandthe techniques I can use to work in an easier and faster way. I learned so much. Realy clear instruction.