Adobe Illustrator Classes Online

Adobe Illustrator Classes Online
About Adobe Illustrator Classes Online

American Graphics Institute has been delivering public and private Online Adobe Illustrator Classes for more than a decade. We offer regularly scheduled public Online Adobe Illustrator classes and private training. Our many clients include companies of all sizes, non-profit agencies, and educational institutions. AGI provides Online Adobe Illustrator training to employees working in marketing, communications, design and a variety of business roles.


Adobe Illustrator Classes Online
Adobe Illustrator Courses Online from expert instructors

American Graphics Institute’s live Online Adobe Illustrator Classes are led by expert instructors from American Graphics Institute with extensive experience in Digital design. 

The instructors in that lead our live Online Adobe Illustrator Classes are experts on Digital design and  Adobe Illustrator. American Graphics Institute teachers are also available for private Adobe Illustrator training which can be delivered on-site at your location or as a live online course.

Learning Adobe Illustrator online

American Graphics Institute offers Adobe Illustrator training online. We have been teaching Illustrator courses online for two decades with local instructors and in-person classes at our Conshohocken training center. These professional development courses make it possible for individuals online to learn Adobe Illustrator quickly and easily. Benefit by participating in live Adobe Illustrator classes led by instructors with extensive experience using and teaching Adobe Illustrator, either in-person or online, all with a live instructor. Our regularly scheduled professional development Adobe Illustrator courses are live, and occur in real-time. These small-group sessions make Adobe Illustrator classes accessible to those who may not be able to travel to a classroom. Enrollment for these regularly scheduled public classes is available under the class dates section. Learn Adobe Illustrator online with classes and training from American Graphics Institute.

Private Adobe Illustrator training online

Groups, such as companies, organizations, and departments that need live, in-person Adobe Illustrator training online can have an instructor come on-site to their company to deliver an in-person course. We’ve delivered online training locally to major daily newspapers, large technology companies, advertisers, marketers, and publishers.

AGI can deliver an Adobe Illustrator workshop online that is customized to your specific needs, or the training can be delivered using standard curriculum. Scheduling for private Adobe Illustrator training online can occur on specific dates that align to your schedule requirements, and the class time can also be adjusted to accommodate your organization's needs. Private online Adobe Illustrator courses are also available, and can be tailored to specific requirements for scheduling and curriculum. Contact AGI to discuss options if you are interested in arranging private Adobe Illustrator training or call our local training consultants at 800-851-9237.

Corporate and Onsite Adobe Illustrator Training online

Improve the skills of your team with Adobe Illustrator training for your company or organization. Private Adobe Illustrator courses can be delivered through live online sessions, or can occur onsite at your offices if you prefer. For live online classes, employees do not need to travel to receive a course delivered by an experienced professional that is tailored to the specific needs of your group. Use the contact form, call us at 800-851-9237, or the chat option in the corner of this page to learn more.


About AGI's Adobe Illustrator Courses online

For more than 10 years, American Graphics Institute has been providing Adobe Illustrator courses online, and teaching Illustrator for more than two decades. AGI offers regularly scheduled live online courses accessible from anywhere. The expert instructors are highly skilled Adobe Illustrator professionals and are also experienced educators, helping others to learn new skills. Our team of instructors knows more than Illustrator, and can help with workflows and projects using related Creative Cloud apps.

Choosing the right Online Adobe Illustrator Class

Although there are many options for learning Adobe Illustrator, there’s a reason that American Graphics Institute is considered the top provider of Adobe Illustrator courses online. This includes our more than 20 years of delivering Illustrator classes locally, our expert instructors who have decades of practical Adobe Illustrator experience, and our extensive experience in teaching Adobe Illustrator. Our instructors have authored several Adobe Illustrator books, which you’ll receive with your class.

There are Adobe Illustrator courses of various durations, with shorter one-day and two-day programs, along with options for day and night courses. Longer-term bootcamp and certificate programs are also available for those wanting a more intensive, in-depth approach to learning new skills.

In most cases it’s best to start with a foundational, introductory Adobe Illustrator course. Even if you have previous experience, the introductory class serves as a cornerstone. From there, you can move on to learn more advanced Adobe Illustrator skills and concepts.

The delivery format for Adobe Illustrator Classes online should also be considered as you decide which course to attend. Both in-person and online courses are led by a live instructor. AGI offers both regularly scheduled in-person and live online courses. The online courses allow you to see the instructor’s screen, ask questions, and share your screen if you need assistance. You can also retake the Adobe Illustrator course at no cost if you need additional practice or if you don't end up using your new skills right away. These Adobe Illustrator courses are offered at regularly scheduled dates. If you prefer an on-site class at your location, an instructor is able to come to your business or organization.

If you need guidance, our expert training consultants can help you choose the best Adobe Illustrator for you, whether you are looking for a course online or online. Call us at 800-851-9237, reach us on chat, or find all options to contact AGI.

Live Adobe Illustrator Classes online

There are many options for in-person Adobe Illustrator courses online. For those looking to provide training to the employees of corporations and organizations online, AGI can have an instructor deliver a customized training dedicated for your group. This can be more cost effective than having a group travel to a classroom.

Adobe Illustrator Classes for all Skill levels

AGI’s Adobe Illustrator courses online are available for introductory through advanced topics. Those new to Adobe Illustrator can attend foundation-level courses which provide the essential skills along with an on-ramp for additional learning, with advanced courses available for those with existing skills and experience.

With online courses for beginners who need to learn the fundamentals of Adobe Illustrator as well as advanced courses, bootcamps, and certificate programs, American Graphics Institute provides options for learners at all points in their careers. From those looking to start learning Adobe Illustrator, to experienced professionals, AGI is a trusted resource for professional development.

Adobe Illustrator Courses for All Ages

While most Adobe Illustrator professional development courses are for adults, there are some graphic design programs for high school students offered each summer. These programs provide career exploration while learning the tools used by professional designers. These programs are primarily offered during the summer, with some available after school hours during the academic year.

About Adobe Illustrator Classes and Training online from AGI

The regularly scheduled public Adobe Illustrator courses, workshops, and seminars provide hands-on learning from expert instructors via a live online session, led by a live instructor. Small classes with practical exercises and projects help you to quickly learn Adobe Illustrator as it relates to your specific needs. Our instructors have extensive experience with Illustrator and in leading classes. Instructors are reviewed after each course, and undergo continual professional development and testing. Our full-time instructors pass the rigorous Certified Technical Trainer exam, and Adobe Certified Expert exams. Our instructors have been hired by Adobe to write their certification exams, and have developed official Adobe training courseware.

Prerequisites for enrolling online Adobe Illustrator courses

For the introductory Adobe Illustrator courses, no previous experience is required. For the advanced Illustrator class, the introductory course is required, or knowledge of all topics covered in the introductory Adobe Illustrator class. For a live online course, you will need to have access to the Illustrator application. No-cost, limited-time versions of Illustrator are available and can be used for the class.

Course materials for Adobe Illustrator classes online

The instructors that lead the online courses at American Graphics Institute have authored more than 50 books on digital design, including several Adobe Illustrator training books. Course participants receive a copy of one of our Illustrator books or for the Illustrator for Fashion, custom developed course materials are provided. The curriculum is yours to keep following the class.

Adobe Illustrator Certification Training

A certificate of completion for the training is provided upon successful course completion. You can also elect to take the independent Illustrator Certification exam following the class.

Adobe Illustrator Apps and Tools

There are many applications relating to Adobe Illustrator that are used day-to-day. A modern professional using Adobe Illustrator will also need to learn a number of related skills and tools. A good starting point for learning these related skills includes these courses:

Learn Adobe Illustrator to start a New Career

Careers in graphic design use Adobe Illustrator among other tools. Graphic design is the art of visual communication for sharing information, meaning, and emotion. Learning Adobe Illustrator is an essential part of gaining graphic design skills. Those who learn Adobe Illustrator and graphic design are able to define the aesthetics for projects using various elements including color, shape, size, form, space, and typography. Projects created by graphic designers range from store displays and advertisements to on-screen visuals used online, in television and broadcast.

A professional skilled in Adobe Illustrator and graphic design can create media that supports a brand, build recognition, and creates an identity. Graphic designers produce posters, bus wraps, billboards, logos, infographics, pamphlets, advertisements, window displays, menus, advertisements, and digital content.

To work on these projects, learning Adobe Illustrator is an essential foundational skill. After learning graphic design, learning related tools and apps can help secure a graphic design job.

Why attend Online Adobe Illustrator Training

Learning Adobe Illustrator skills helps you to work more efficiently when producing design, marketing, and communication projects. Along with general design skills, learning Adobe Illustrator helps you stand out amongst others online when being considered for projects and assignments. You can put your newly learned skills to work defining the aesthetics for visual projects through the effective use of color, shape, size, form, space, and typography.

When you take Adobe Illustrator classes you become a visual storyteller, able to execute on yours or your client’s vision to communicate their brand, identity, product or message. By learning Adobe Illustrator you are then able to produce content seen online including logos, flyers, web pages, and ads.

Adobe Illustrator Online Careers and Job Outlook

Adobe Illustrator is used in roles that involve online work. This includes jobs across many different industries and in a variety of job roles. Creative service firms, digital agencies, and in-house marketing departments all hire skilled Adobe Illustrator professionals. Learning Adobe Illustrator provides a foundational skill for working in many of the careers across these organizations.

Skills with Adobe Illustrator are easily transferable to a variety of other roles. Those with strong Adobe Illustrator skills may consider gaining more specialized skills and working in the fields of user experience (UX) design or user interface (UI) design. Both of these are growing fields online  as well as nationally, with job growth of nearly 6% expected over the next decade according to both projections from state and national governments. With specialized skills and higher than average growth prospects, jobs in these fields command above-average compensation.

Because Adobe Illustrator skills are used in digital agencies, advertising, marketing, and media, they are essential for anyone wanting to work in these fields. Learning Adobe Illustrator is an important step in working in online creative roles. These roles provide a solid career opportunity, with average earnings of $55,000 annually online.

Adobe Illustrator Jobs online

Jobs that use Adobe Illustrator online are expected to grow. Our review of both government and private sector salary surveys show salaries of jobs using Illustrator as follows:

Graphic Designer online: $50,000

Creative Services Manager online: $80,000

Production Artist online: $60,000

Production Designer online: $73,000

UI Designer online: $73,000

Digital Marketing Specialist online: $65,000


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AGI's team of experienced instructors are led by  the design and usability expert and best-selling author of more than 20 books including Creative Cloud for Dummies, Creative Suite for Dummies, and Photoshop Digital Classroom. Classes are led by experienced professionals who have extensive professional and training experience, and also work in our consulting practice areas and as practicing professionals. For Federal agencies, American Graphics Institute classes are offered under GSA contract 47QTCA19D003Y.