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About Excel Classes Online

American Graphics Institute has been delivering public and private Online Excel Classes for more than a decade. We offer regularly scheduled public Online Excel classes and private training. Our many clients include companies of all sizes, non-profit agencies, and educational institutions. AGI provides Online Excel training to employees working in marketing, communications, design and a variety of business roles.


Microsoft Excel Classes Online
Excel Courses Online from expert instructors

American Graphics Institute’s live Online Excel Classes are led by expert instructors from American Graphics Institute with extensive experience in Digital design. 

The instructors in that lead our live Online Excel Classes are experts on Digital design and  Excel. American Graphics Institute teachers are also available for private Excel training which can be delivered on-site at your location or as a live online course.

Available online Excel course

AGI offers several online Excel courses to meet your needs. To help determine which online Excel class is best for you, consider the following and visit each individual course page for complete course details and topics.

  • If you are new to Excel or have never had any formal training, the introductory Excel course builds foundational skills from the ground up.
  • If you have some previous Excel experience and know most basic formulas and charts, but are looking to take your skills to the next level and improve efficiency, you can start with the Intermediate Excel class provided you know most of the content covered in the introductory Excel course.
  • For those with extensive Excel experience, including using Pivot Tables and VLOOKUPs, you can learn advanced tools including macros, nested functions, sensitivity analysis, and more by enrolling in the advanced Excel class.
  • The Excel Bootcamp is available for those wanting a comprehensive approach to learning Excel from beginner to advanced level. The full Excel bootcamp ensures you gain a mastery of Excel and also provides a discount over taking the individual classes.

Benefits of online Excel classes with AGI

  • Learn Excel with hands-on exercises. The best way to learn Excel is by using it in real-life scenarios. Our hands-on instruction includes practical exercises to help you learn.
  • Live Excel classes world-class instructors. You can talk with the instructor, see their screen, share your screen as you work on projects and get your questions answered in real-time.
  • Real-world Excel learning: We teach only the most relevant and practical Excel skills needed by business professionals on a daily basis. You’ll work on a variety of projects used across industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, education, government, and more.
  • Top Excel Instructors: Learn Excel from industry experts who are also experienced educators. Our instructors are engaging and will walk you through the ins-and-outs of Excel’s amazing capabilities.
  • Small Classes: Get personalized attention in small classes.
  • Video Training & Workbook Included: Take the training home with you using our video training and workbook included with each Excel course.

Private, customized Excel training online

AGI offers custom Excel training online for companies and organizations. We can deliver private courses using our standard curriculum, or adapt the content to meet your specific needs. Private Excel workshops are available for all levels.

Excel Classes Online from Experienced Instructors

While there are many options for online Excel courses, AGI strives to offer the best Excel training online. We provide expert instructors, a polished and proprietary curriculum, use a project-based learning model, and have years of experience teaching Excel to professionals. When Microsoft needed the official academic curriculum for Excel developed, they turned to the experienced staff at AGI to create and develop this curriculum. Our extensive curriculum is provided with each course.

Hands-on Excel Courses Online

Our classes are full of hands-on exercises and projects to really master Excel and build your confidence that you can go out and apply these skills every day. Our classes are interactive so you will have the assistance of the instructor to guide you through the exercises and answer any questions as you go. There will be a mix of instruction and project-based work to keep things interesting and ensure optimal learning. 

Top Excel Instructors for Online Classes

When it comes to Excel training, we provide some of the best instructors available. Our instructors have mastered Excel and are also expert instructors. This makes certain you have a tremendous learning experience as you learn from the best Excel instructors.

Corporate Excel Training Online

AGI offers corporate Excel training online with a live instructor. With corporate Excel training, we customize the curriculum to deliver personalized training for your specific needs. We can provide training at your offices, in our classrooms, or live online. We can provide our full Excel syllabus allowing you to pick and choose what you'd like to cover. You can also choose to add additional Excel topics, not in our syllabus, or work on specific types of projects that are applicable to your organization. Send us an email, give us a call, or chat with us to learn more about custom Excel training for your company or team.

What You'll Learn in Online Excel Classes

AGI offers Excel classes online from beginner to advanced along with an Excel Bootcamp that covers it all. If you are trying to decide between the various Excel classes, the following may be helpful. All classes are led by a live instructor:

Beginner Excel Class Online

In the beginner class, you'll start with basic data entry and simple calculations like adding and subtracting and work your way up. You'll get comfortable in the Excel interface and learn to use the toolbar. 

You'll learn to use Autofill to have Excel fill patterns for you. Learn to use text functions to join and split text in Excel. 

Learn to format your Excel spreadsheets and use conditional formatting. Start performing more advanced calculations and build charts in Excel.

Intermediate Excel Class Online

In the intermediate Excel class, learn to navigate around the workbook with shortcuts. Use dropdown menus and data validation. 

Sort and filter data for quick analysis. Master the VLOOKUP function for connecting data from multiple tables.

Learn to use IF statements and the COUNTIF, SUMIF, and more conditional functions.

Start working with Pivot Tables to quickly analyze data in tables. 

Advanced Excel Class Online

In the advanced Excel class, learn advanced cell locking techniques and Excel shortcuts, create nested IF statements, and learn more advanced techniques in Excel.

Learn to find desired outcomes with Goal Seek, create Data Tables, do advanced lookups like INDEX-MATCH and VLOOKUP-MATCH. 

Start automating Excel by creating macros. 

Excel Bootcamp

In the Excel bootcamp you learn introductory through advanced techniques as you participate in all three Excel courses. Over three days you will learn to master Excel.

Excel Classes Near You

You can find Excel classes near you with live Excel courses available onsite at your location, as well as live online Excel courses you can join from your home or office. AGI offers instructors that come to your location, making it easy to schedule Excel training for your company or team. With various options for Excel training, classes, and workshops, AGI helps you to choose the best options for learning Excel that meets your location, schedule, learning preference, and budget.

About Online Excel training classes from AGI

Microsoft Excel training classes are provided by AGI, a private, licensed school that has developed official training curriculum for Microsoft for Excel and other apps.

American Graphics Institute
8 Cabot Rd
Woburn, MA 01801
(781) 376-6044

AGI also offers private, onsite Microsoft Excel training classes which can be scheduled for individuals or groups. For details contact us or call 781-376-6044.

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AGI's team of experienced instructors are led by  the design and usability expert and best-selling author of more than 20 books including Creative Cloud for Dummies, Creative Suite for Dummies, and Photoshop Digital Classroom. Classes are led by experienced professionals who have extensive professional and training experience, and also work in our consulting practice areas and as practicing professionals. For Federal agencies, American Graphics Institute classes are offered under GSA contract 47QTCA19D003Y.