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Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects

Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects

Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects Course Details

If you will be creating video using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications , this introductory course is a good place to start. Learn the Adobe Creative Cloud tools used for creating videos for use online or in broadcast in this introductory overview course. In this Creative Cloud class you'll gain the foundational skills necessary to start creating and editing video. This training is geared to users who are new to creating video using the Adobe Creative Cloud.  

This course teaches video techniques using the most current version of the Adobe Creative Cloud, although training is applicable for the previous versions as well. This Adobe Creative Cloud training class for video is available as a regularly scheduled course at AGI’s classroom locations, or as a private or custom course that can be delivered at your location or online. If taking this Creative Cloud class in our classrooms, a computer is supplied for your use.  This class includes a copy of the Creative Cloud books for After Effects and Premiere Pro that have been written by our team of expert instructors. Our instructors are also the authors of the Creative Cloud for Dummies book, and your learn directly from the authors of these books in our Creative Cloud courses.

Options for Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects

If you prefer to attend a Creative Cloud course on only Premiere Pro, Photoshop, or After Effects, American Graphics Institute offers courses on these individual applications as well. See our Premiere Pro courses, After Effects classes, and Photoshop training pages for the classes on these specific Creative Cloud tools.  You can also see a complete list of classes for individual Creative Cloud apps on the Adobe classes page.

For more information about our Creative Cloud training courses for video and animation, call 781-376-6044 to speak with a training consultant, or use our Creative Cloud training contact form. Our Creative Cloud experts are also available for live chat during business hours by clicking the option in the lower corner of your display.

Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.

Course Title Course Dates Course Location Fee Register
Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects


10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Live instructor-led class online
1969-12-31T19:00:00-05:00 $1,590.00
Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects


10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Live instructor-led class online
1969-12-31T19:00:00-05:00 $1,590.00

Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects: Course Topics

This Adobe Creative Cloud class for video and effects provides you with the skills needed to work with Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. The topics covered in the training course include:

Video basics in Premiere Pro CC

  • Terminology
  • Non-linear editing
  • Destructive vs. Non Destructive
  • YUV vs. RGB Color Space
  • Full screen video vs. multimedia
  • NTSC Timebase
  • Workspace in Premiere

Capturing in Premiere Pro CC

  • Using the Capture window to digitize video
  • Logging and Batch Capture

Basic Editing in Premiere Pro CC

  • Monitor window controls
  • Using the Monitor window to edit video
  • Insert / Overlay Edits
  • Editing video in the Timeline
  • Editing tools (Razor, Ripple, Roll, etc.)
  • Lift / Extract
  • In and Out points
  • Discussion of four point editing

Transitions in Premiere Pro CC

  • Using the Effects tab and Effect controls
  • Markers in Premiere Pro
  • Source versus Program

Effects and Filters in Premiere Pro CC

  • Fixed effects
  • Animating clip properties
  • Applying and animating filters
  • Using keyframes

Creating Titles in Premiere CC

  • Types of titles (roll, crawl, lower 3rd)
  • Title templates
  • Title animation

Superimposing in Premiere Pro CC

  • Controlling transparency
  • Editing Audio
  • Adding music tracks
  • Controlling volume (Fade in/out)

Exporting and Rendering Movies in Premiere Pro CC

  • Export Options
  • Export to tape / DVD
  • Adobe Media Encode

Digital Video basics in Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud

  • Analog versus digital
  • Frame rate and resolution
  • Storage space and system requirements
  • Defining motion Graphics

Using the After Effects CC Interface

  • Creating a project
  • Understanding the After Effects panel system
  • Organizing the Project Window
  • Understanding the Composition Window
  • Working in the Timeline Window
  • RAM Preview vs. Standard Preview

Media Management

  • Importing media files
  • Importing Photoshop and Illustrator files
  • Previewing footage
  • Previewing stills and video
  • Previewing audio
  • Trimming a video clip
  • Using the Interpret Footage dialog box
  • Looping an audio or video file

Using Layers in Adobe After Effects CC

  • Layer basics
  • Layer options
  • Creating a layer solid
  • Understanding the layer switches
  • Time stretch and frame blending
  • Nesting compositions/layers using precomps

Using keyframes in Adobe After Effects

  • Animation of layer properties using keyframes
  • Using layer parenting to ease repetition
  • Understanding motion paths
  • Working with layer blending
  • Controlling the speed of animations
  • Easing principles

Using text in Adobe After Effects

  • Creating text
  • Character palette
  • Paragraph palette
  • Animating text with keyframes
  • Animating text using presets
  • Using Bridge with After Effects

Masking and alpha channels in Adobe After Effects

  • Masking
  • Animating masks
  • Working with alpha channels
  • Track matte

Using Effects in Adobe After Effects

  • Effect basics
  • Animating effects

Introduction to 3D in After Effects

  • Exploring the 3D capabilities and limitations of After Effects
  • Creating 3D layers
  • Using multiple viewports
  • Understanding 3D Transform properties
  • Animating 3D layers
  • Creating and using lights

Outputting using Adobe After Effects

  • Rendering from a composition to various formats
  • Understanding the Render Queue
  • Adjusting render settings
  • Duplicating jobs in the Render Queue
  • Creating render templates
  • Exporting a project file
  • Rendering an individual frame



Prerequisites for the Adobe Creative Cloud Course for Video and Effects

Before starting this course, we recommend that you have Adobe Creative Cloud video and effects applications. You can license the applications or obtain a free trial version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website.

Course Materials for the Adobe Creative Cloud Class for Video and Effects

With this course you will receive a copy of the full-color Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud Digital Classroom and Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud Digital Classroom books including video tutorials and lesson files created by the Adobe Certified Instructors at AGI. AGI's Adobe Creative Cloud instructors have created many official training guides and books for Adobe Systems, and more than 50 books on the Adobe CC tools. These best-selling books are widely used around the world to teach Adobe Creative Cloud, and you learn directly from the authors when you take a class at American Graphics Institute.

Individual Adobe Creative Cloud courses are also available for each of the web design applications covered in this class. This includes courses focused specifically on Creative Cloud versions of After Effects and Premiere Pro if you wish to learn only one of these applications.

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