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Information Architecture Class for UX

Information Architecture Class for UX

A well-planned information architecture (IA) for websites and apps creates the foundation for a functional site or app. In this information architecture course discover how to create a useful information hierarchy to help users engage with your app or website. Information architecture is an often-overlooked area of website and app design, but without a well-planned information hierarchy, designers risk creating applications and sites that are confusing or make content virtually inaccessible. In this dynamic, hands-on, session, emphasis is placed on building an effective information architecture created from multiple sources of information. These sources include user research, scenarios, features, and user priorities.

In this information architecture course, participants:

  • Learn to build an effective information architecture from multiple sources of information.
  • Discover how to utilize user research, scenarios, features,
  • Understand how to organize and sort user priorities.
  • Find out how to ensure information is organized in a consistent and predictable way.
This course is available individually or as part of these certificate programs:

Information Architecture Class for UX Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.

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Information Architecture Class for UX


10:00 am to 5:00 pm
American Graphics Institute American Graphics Institute
Live instructor-led class online
1969-12-31T19:00:00-05:00 $495.00
In this Information Architecture course for UX, participants discover how to take steps to:
  • Assess existing and needed content
  • Organize pages and screens
  • Provide clues to help use the site efficiently
  • Develop navigational structure
Course topics for this Information Architecture Class for UX include the following:

Overview of an information architecture

  • The importance of the underlying information structure
  • Information architecture design patterns and how they relate to your experience
  • Flat and hierarchical information structures

The foundation of an information architecture

  • Primary research
  • Personas, stories, and user flows
  • Feature building

Best Practices for Information Architecture Design

  • Designing your IA based upon user needs
  • Establishing a clear purpose based upon UX brief and other integrated data
  • Integrating and prioritizing the user needs in order to build effective navigation
  • Building-in consistency

Methods and techniques for creating the IA design

  • White boarding and post-its for organizing IA
  • Card Sorting: Open, closed, and reverse processes
  • Site Maps and Outlines

Testing your information architecture

  • Wireframes and prototypes
  • Active observing
  • Passive observing
  • Online review

Information Architecture Course for UX Prerequisites

Participants in the information architecture couse should have either completed the UX design course or be working in a UX or in an adjacent field such as a business analyst, developer, information architect, or product management position.

This information architecture training class is part of the UX Certificate and is also available independently several times per year as well.

Information Architecture Course Length

This infomration architecture class is one-day in length and is available in our classrooms or as a live online class.

UX Certification

You can expand your skills and validate your user experience knowledge using the ISO international standard for UX certification. Learn more about UX Certification options.

In this information architecture class for UX, participants discover the ways in which the different pages of their application or website relate to one another, and find out how to ensure information is organized in a consistent and predictable way.

Information Architecture Course for Application and Web Design Information architecture course participants engage in an IA training exercise as part of the class.

UX Classes in Our Classroom

You can take this two-day information architecture (IA) course for UX design in our classroom with a live instructor in the same classroom with you. It is available at our classrooms in Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. These regularly scheduled, public IA workshops include small groups of professionals from various companies. A typical live IA class involves a small group of between 6 and 10 participants, along with the instructor. These in-person UX classes include both individual and group exercises, along with reviews of user experience / information architecture projects conducted in class. These in-person IA courses are one-day in length, and open to the public. We can also deliver this as a private UX workshop for your group or organization.

UX Classes Online

This IA class is also available as part of our live, online UX training from American Graphics Institute. The online information architecture courses are conducted with a live instructor, and are also limited to a small group. You can hear and see the instructor and their presentation, talk with them, ask questions, and participate in individual projects. Both the in-person and online IA classes include the same materials, and are led by the same team of experienced faculty from American Graphics Institute. The same content is covered in both live courses, and the same instructors lead both the in-person and online IA workshops.

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