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Digital Marketing Certificate

The Digital Marketing Certificate program prepares participants for positions that include digital marketing responsibilities. The classes teach students using modern digital design tools essential for modern-day marketing. Program participants conclude their work with a project that showcases skills gained in the program, and gain assistance creating a compelling portfolio. You can start your Digital Marketing certification program at any time with the rolling-admission program, with new classes starting monthly.

The Digital Marketing Certificate is a hands-on program that teaches both digital marketing principles along with practical skills using modern digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics and creating HTML Emails. Participants learn to apply their knowledge through hands-on work as part of small group classes. With each course section limited to 10, students receive individualized attention and work collaboratively with their instructors through the Digital Marketing Certificate program. If you prefer, you can enroll in specific digital marketing courses as well.

Digital Marketing Certificate Online or Boston

Attend the Digital Marketing Certificate online or in Boston. You can participate entirely online or attend digital marketing classes in-person, or use a hybrid model, attending some in-person and others online. All digital marketing courses are available as your choice of live in-person or live online. New programs start every 45 to 60 days.

Digital Marketing Certificate - Full Time

Clock Hours: 133
Weeks: 6 weeks
Course Days: Monday through Friday
Format: Live online or in-person
Next start date: December 7, 2022

Placement rate: 91% job placement rate for participants in the previous 12 months.
Our career counseling staff is available for placement assistance.

Digital Marketing Certificate - Part Time 

Clock Hours: 133
Course Days: Flexible with a minimum of two days per month.
Format: Live online or in-person; weekday, evening, or weekend.
Next start date: December 7, 2022

Application and Tuition for Digital Marketing Certificate

Admission for the Digital Marketing Certification program is rolling, with no set starting date. Applications are accepted at any time. You can start your application online by clicking the Apply Now option below. Prior to applying we encourage you to speak to an admissions representative. Complete the form to the left or call 781-376-6044 to contact the admissions team.

Tuition for the Digital Marketing Certificate program is $5,700.  Payment plans are available; call or submit an inquiry for details.

Career Services for Digital Marketing Certificate

Participants in the Digital Marketing Certificate have access to a dedicated career counselor. Whether you are seeking a new role, or want assistance to advance your career with your current employer, our career counseling staff helps you. Receive assistance with interview preparation, how to best present your experience, and locating opportunities.

Using VA Education Benefits for Digital Marketing Certificate

American Graphics Institute and the Digital Marketing Certificate have been approved for GI Bill benefits. Eligible participants can use their Veterans Affairs (VA) GI Bill funds for the Digital Marketing Certificate program.

Course information for the Digital Marketing Certificate

Google Analytics Training Course

Attend this small-group Google Analytics training course and better understand web traffic: who is visiting your site, how they found your site, what they did - including pages visited, and what is working well along with what isn't. In this Google Analytics course participants discover how to create an account, set up web properties, create filters, generate and interpret both standard and custom reports. Participants learn to understand and apply information gathered, turning the data into information. This Google Analytics training covers best practices for using Google Analytics Universal Analytics to track and meet business objectives. Gain a better perspective on the effectiveness of marketing efforts, website performance, and visitors with this Google Analytics training workshop. This course is led by a live instructor with a limit of 10 participants per course date.

Digital Marketing Strategy course

This digital marketing course helps participants understand digital marketing opportunities and helps them to evaluate the best options for their objectives. Participants learn to use digital marketing to effectively attract, engage, and retain clients as well as align offerings to meet client needs.

HTML Email Class - Introduction

This HTML Email class is for anyone that needs to create or manage HTML email campaigns or works in digital marketing roles. Topics covered in this HTML email training include planning, compliance, best practices, as well as actual coding techniques for making certain your HTML email marketing campaigns display as intended and reaches your audience.

Responsive HTML Email Class

This Responsive HTML email course is for anyone that needs to create or manage advanced email campaigns. Topics covered in this HTML email marketing training include planning, compliance, best practices, as well as actual coding techniques for making certain your HTML email displays as intended and reaches your audience.

HTML Course - Introduction

This HTML course teaches web design foundations using HTML and CSS, the building blocks of all web design, web development, and HTML emails. Learn to plan, design, and create websites using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), XHTML (eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language), and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - the building blocks of web pages - and essential skills for web design and web development roles. Learn web design and web development skills to create websites that look good across multiple browsers and devices. This HTML class also introduces working with interactivity and multimedia, as well as web design for devices such as tablets and smartphones.

WordPress Training Course - Introduction

This WordPress training course is for those managing or creating content on WordPress sites, or wanting to get started with web design using WordPress. This WordPress course is helpful for those with no previous WordPress training, as it provides a solid foundation and best-practices for using and maintaining a WordPress site. This course starts with the essentials of a WordPress site setup, covers how to add text, images and multimedia, as well as how to format both the content and pages. How to add pages, posts, links are also covered along with fundamentals of administering WordPress sites. This includes creating and managing users and essential WordPress settings. The essentials of WordPress themes are covered, including how to make adjustments to the default appearance. Learn WordPress in this course which occurs monthly and is available as a live in-person course with the instructor in the same classroom or a live online class. If you have a group or organization that needs to learn WordPress, this class can also be delivered on-site at your location and tailored to your specific needs.

InDesign Class - Introduction

In this introductory InDesign class learn to create professional designs such as flyers, brochures, marketing sheets that can be shared in print or as PDF. In this InDesign course you'll discover how to efficiently create documents using advanced typographic controls and intuitive graphic features. You will also discover techniques that will help to make your InDesign publications look polished and professional.

InDesign Class - Intermediate

This intermediate InDesign class helps you to work more efficiently and create better designs. Learn advanced typography, color controls, styles, libraries, and prepress controls in this intermediate InDesign course.

Photoshop Class - Introduction

This introductory Photoshop class teaches foundation skills for working effectively and creatively. Learn to be more productive and to create higher quality images efficiently. Gain skills for editing, retouching, and enhancing images. Learn how to make selective changes, color correct, and retouch your images using Photoshop. This Photoshop class is led by a live instructor, as are all courses at American Graphics Institute,

Photoshop Class - Intermediate

This intermediate Photoshop class covers more advanced use of Photoshop's tools, filters, and layers. Discover how to take advantage of a comprehensive range of creative effects. Learn to improve efficiency through the use automation features, such as actions, buttons, smart objects, and Photoshop's artificial intelligence capabilities.

Digital Marketing Project

This course consists of a practical project in which students apply the skills they have learned into a project that is selected by the student and reviewed by their instructor. The project starts with planning, meeting with the client, creating a creative brief, developing the product, client review and feedback, final delivery, and project review by the instructor.

Digital Marketing Portfolio

Students work with their instructor to select projects to showcase, create an online portfolio showcasing their talents, and discuss which works to show and how to present them. This workshop is designed to help you best create your online portfolio to showcase your skills and capabilities.

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