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UX Research Course

UX Research Class

This UX research training course teaches the most common user experience research techniques for gathering information necessary to create and improve apps, websites and interfaces. Learn how user experience design relies on data that comes from various forms of research and other interactions with potential users of products. This UX research class teaches the role UX research plays in the overall UX design process, and how to integrate research findings into the process of creating and revising websites, applications, and products.

In this UX Research course you will:

  • Learn the role and importance of UX research
  • Discover multiple UX research techniques
  • Conduct a hands-on UX research project
  • Understand how to validate data and form hypotheses
  • Develop features and functionality based on UX research data
This course is available individually or as part of these certificate programs:

UX Research Course Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


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UX Research Class Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction to UX Research

  • Role of UX research in UX Design process

Lesson 2: Importance of UX research

  • Use of research in determining usability
  • Create empathy for users

Lesson 3: UX research techniques

Discover online design fundamentals that help your users reach their goals.

  • Contextual interviews
  • Diary Studies
  • Customer Interviews
  • Empathy Maps
  • Storyboards
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Investigating similar products

Lesson 4: UX Research Project

  • Creating interviews
  • Creating surveys
  • Working with an empathy map
  • Organizing your data
  • Evaluating UX research results

Lesson 5: Hypotheses and validating assumptions

  • Defining hypotheses
  • testing and measuring hypotheses
  • measure success metrics
  • Creating tentative research explanations
  • Creating possible research outcome

Lesson 6: Add UX research to UX brief

Lesson 7: Creating features based upon UX research

This UX research course is suitable for all levels of UX professionals as well as business analysts, product managers, developers, and ux designers. For those new to their role, we suggest starting with the UX Design course before attending the UX research class.

UX Research Course Length

This UX class is one-day in length if taken in our classrooms with a live instructor in the same room, or as a live online class.

UX Design Certification

Expand your skills and validate your user experience knowledge using the ISO international standard for UX design certification. Learn more about UX Design Certification.

You will receive comprehensive UX research training materials when attending this UX research class. UX course materials developed by Jennifer Smith, a highly skilled user experience designer and educator.

This UX research course teaches principles of user experience research.

UX Classes in Our Classroom

You can take this one-day UX research course in our classroom with a live instructor in the same classroom with you. It is available at our classrooms in Boston and Philadelphia. These regularly scheduled, public UX workshops include small groups of professionals from various companies. A typical live UX class involves a small group of between 6 and 10 participants, along with the instructor. These in-person UX classes include both individual and group exercises, along with reviews of user experience projects conducted in class. These in-person UX courses are one-day in length, and open to the public. We can also deliver this as a private UX workshop for your group or organization.

UX Classes Online

This UX research class is also available as part of our live, online UX training from American Graphics Institute. The online UX courses are conducted with a live instructor, and are also limited to a small group. You can hear and see the instructor and their presentation, talk with them, ask questions, and participate in individual projects. The online courses differ from the workshops offered in our classrooms. Both UX classes include the same lecture materials, and are led by the same team of experienced faculty from American Graphics Institute. The online user experience courses do not include the group exercises that are part of the live, in-person sessions. The same content is covered in both courses, and the same instructors lead both the in-person and online UX courses.

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