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Adobe Captivate News and Informaiton

What is Adobe Captivate

  • Published on March 28, 2022
Adobe Captivate is a software application for creating digital learning.

Adobe Captivate is a software application for creating learning content that can be accessed online, through a process that is also called e-learning or digital learning. Learning content created using Adobe Captivate can include recorded presentations, slide shows, video, and simulations of software. Captivate created learning content is distributed in the file formats of MP4 or HTML5. 

How to Learn Captivate

  • Published on March 15, 2022
How to Learn Captivate

Creating engaging and useful e-learning content requires skills as an educator and content creator, along with a technical understanding of applications used for creating e-learning courses. Learning Adobe Captivate helps education and learning professionals create and deliver e-learning courses.