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Adobe Creative Cloud November-December 2015 Updates

  • Published on December 7, 2015
Adobe Creative Cloud November-December 2015 Updates
Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers will have the option of installing new versions of many of their apps as Adobe CC November-December 2015 updates are becoming available. Announced on the last day of November, the Adobe CC updates are just starting to appear for Creative Cloud users in early December. The updates are relatively minor, with most users unlikely to notice any change in the way they use the Adobe CC applications. These end-of-year updates primarily impact Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.
While the significance of these late 2015 Adobe CC updates varies across the applications, most users who work with the applications will see little impact in the way they perform their work. Adobe CC users that want to learn the complete details of the changes can find out more through Adobe CC training or by taking individual Adobe training classes covering the specific applications. Most of the new capabilities added to Adobe CC 2015 this December will only be covered in more advanced training, as they generally do not impact the way users work with the more basic functionality of the programs.

How frequently are Adobe CC updates released?

Based on recent history Adobe CC updates are released approximately every 6 months for most Adobe Creative Cloud apps. The most recent release of Adobe CC is approximately six months after the last update. Adobe CC tends to include more significant updates when the version year changes, with later updates, such as this most recent one, being more minor in nature.

What’s included in the Adobe CC 2015 November-December update

Each of the Adobe CC applications has different capabilities that were added. In some cases applications were not updated at all. The key updates added in this November-December update to the Creative Cloud are listed below.
Photoshop CC November-December 2015 update new features
The Photoshop CC updates include a toolbar that can be customized, workspaces similar to those already available within InDesign CC, and Photoshop artboards, a capability borrowed from Adobe Illustrator CC. The latest Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 update will also support integration with a preview of a new 3D app. The 3D app is Adobe Fuse, and they acquired it when they purchased Maximo earlier this year. It is just now being rolled-out under the Adobe name, and is available as a preview, which is Adobe’s term for describing a public beta of an application that is not yet in its final form. One Photoshop functionality that was added for this late 2015 CC update is an old feature that they brought back – the Oil Paint filter. The Save for Web Functionality in Photoshop CC has been renamed as Export As.
Adobe Illustrator CC November-December 2015 update new features
Only minor changes were made to Adobe Illustrator CC with this update. The addition of the Shaper tool was the only new functionality, while there were also minor changes to existing functionality, such as modifying the way Smart Guides work. These guides help to align objects when creating a layout or design with Illustrator.
Adobe CC and Windows 10 touch compatibility
Windows 10 users working on touch-screen devices with their Adobe CC apps will appreciate the recently added functionality to improve the way the Adobe CC apps work with touch operating systems.  The touch functionality was added to Adobe CC apps including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. These touch-based apps can also be used by those working on Apples’ latest trackpad.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC November-December 2015 update new features
The late-2015 Adobe CC updates for Premiere Pro are focused on capabilities that will only benefit the most advanced video editors. Most users will not notice the changes. This update added support for high-end video that is well beyond the quality supported on most televisions and displays as Adobe CC Premiere Pro added support for ultra high definition (UHD) video standards. It also adds options for more easily creating slow motion effects, and now supports high dynamic range (HDR) video footage.
After Effects CC November-December 2015 update new features
After Effects also remains virtually unchanged with the Adobe CC 2015 December update, as the only notable change is that color settings made in Premiere Pro using Lumetri will now carry over to After Effects CC.
Adobe Audition CC November-December 2015 update new features
Audio editors that use Adobe Audition CC will also find the app is mostly unchanged, adding a Remix tool that makes it easier to stretch or compress audio tracks to match a specified length of time, such as what might be needed for a promotional video, commercial, or title track of a video. Audition also adds capabilities for speech synthesizing using varied voices.

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