Dreamweaver tutorial: Creating, opening, and saving documents in Dreamweaver

What you’ll learn in this Dreamweaver Tutorial:

  • Creating new documents
  • Opening a recently opened document

This tutorial provides you with a foundation for working with Adobe Dreamweaver documents. It is the first lesson in the Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Digital Classroom book. For more Adobe Dreamweaver training options, visit AGI’s Dreamweaver Classes.

Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorial: Creating, opening, and saving documents in Dreamweaver

The lessons throughout this book require that you create, save, and open existing files. You can accomplish most file-related tasks from the File menu at the top, or from the Welcome Screen that appears when you launch Dreamweaver.

Creating new documents in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver creates text files, commonly in the form of HTML files (or web pages). It can also create files in a variety of text-based languages, including CSS, XML, JavaScript, and even Flash ActionScript.

You can create blank files that you build from the ground up, or get started with a variety of layout templates and themes. You can create new documents from the File menu or from the Welcome Screen.

The New Document dialog box gives you a choice of new files in a variety of formats and templates.

1 To create a new document, choose File > New. The New Document dialog box appears.

2 Select Blank Page and under the Page Type column, choose HTML. Under Layout, choose <none> to start a new blank document. Leave the DocType drop-down menu at its default. Press Create.

3 Choose File > Save or File > Save As to start the process of saving your document.

4 When prompted, choose a location for your file and assign it a name. Note that you must save HTML files with an .html extension, or they will not be interpreted properly in a browser. This rule applies for files of any type (such as .xml, .css, and .cfm).

Opening a recently opened document in Dreamweaver

To open a document you’ve worked on recently, Choose File > Open Recent or, from the Welcome Screen, select a document under the Open a Recent Item column.

Choose a file from the Welcome Screen or choose File > Open Recent to
select a recently opened file.