Illustrator certification exam topics and objectives

The online Illustrator certification exam validates an individual’s skills using Illustrator for creating and editing different types of artwork. Skills needed for creating and designing artwork used in marketing, websites, and online are evaluated in the Illustrator certification exam. The Illustrator certification exam objectives were created by a team of Illustrator experts who individually have more than 15 years of experience using and teaching Illustrator. The Illustrator certification exam topics covered and objectives for the exam are listed below.

Illustrator Certification Exam Objective 1: Familiarity with the user interface.

1.1   Ability to identify and know when to use common Illustrator tools

1.2   Understand the organization of Illustrator tools

1.3   Have a familiarity with the Illustrator workspace

1.4   Know how to work in multiple views

1.5   Be able to determine the size of a document and change the document size

Illustrator Certification Exam Objective 2: Understand basic principles of Illustrator

2.1   Demonstrate knowledge of how to create and organize multiple artboards

2.2   Know how to use the various Illustrator selection tools

2.3   Be able to lock, hide, and show artwork so as to improve workflow

2.4   Be able to organize an illustration using layers

Illustrator Certification Exam Objective 3: Vector shape creation and drawing 

3.1   Know how to create basic shapes and edit them using Illustrator

3.2   Have the ability to draw custom paths and shapes with the Pen tool

3.3   Know how to change the fill and stroke of lines and objects

Illustrator Certification Exam Objective 4: Working with color

4.1   Prove knowledge of color, and use of color books in Illustrator

4.2   Understand how to create and save patterns and gradients

4.3   Know how to use options for colors including the Color Guide

4.4   Demonstrate knowledge of the different color modes and when to use each

Illustrator Certification Exam Objective 5: Import and export and final use of imagery

5.1   Know how to import images and other artwork into an Illustrator layout

5.2   Be able to use export options to generate print and web artwork from Illustrator

5.3   Understand various file formats and their differences

5.4   Know how to export multiple artboards from Illustrator

5.5   Understand transparency and how to support it through the Creative Cloud workflow

5.6   Know and use the PDF format with Adobe Illustrator

5.7   Be aware of sharing and collaboration capabilities in the Creative Cloud

When you understand these topics, you can register for the Illustrator exam online.