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Photoshop Certification Exam Topics and Objectives

Photoshop certification exam topics and objectives

The online Photoshop certification exam validates that an individual is skilled using the application in a variety of situations. Skills needed for creative, design, marketing, online, and retouching are tested in the Photoshop certification test. The Photoshop certification exam objectives have been assembled by a team of Photoshop experts, each with more than a decade of experience using Photoshop for a variety of purposes. The Photoshop certification exam objectives and topics covered within the test are listed below.

Photoshop Certification Exam Objective 1: Familiarity with the Photoshop user interface

1.1   Ability to identify and locate commonly used tools

1.2   Understand the organization of the Photoshop tools

1.3   Have a familiarity with the modern Photoshop workspace

Photoshop Certification Exam Objective 2: Understand basic image editing principles

2.1   Use Photoshop to adapt image resolution as it relates to size and end-use of an image

2.2   Grasp Photoshop selection and masking techniques

2.3   Demonstrate knowledge of painting and retouching tools

Photoshop Certification Exam Objective 3: Understand basic capabilities of Photoshop

3.1   Know the purpose and goals when working in Photoshop

3.2   Prove knowledge of color and color correction

3.3   Know how to correct images and understand limitations of Photoshop

Photoshop Certification Exam Objective 4: Understanding real-life workflow situations

4.1   Recognize the benefits of working with Adobe Bridge

4.2   Be aware of time-saving tips and keyboard shortcuts

4.3   Identify image quality concerns and understand how to fix them in Photoshop

4.4   Be aware of sharing and collaboration capabilities in the Creative Cloud

Photoshop Certification Exam Objective 5: Import and export 

5.1   Know the fundamentals of working with Camera Raw image files in Photoshop

5.2   Be able to use export options for both print and web imagery

5.3   Understand various formats and their differences

5.4   Understand Photoshop transparency and how to use it in a Creative Cloud workflow


When you understand these topics, you can register for the Photoshop exam online.