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Apple releases Final Cut Pro 10.2

  • Published on April 13, 2015
Apple releases Final Cut Pro 10.2

Today Apple released a new version of Final Cut Pro X, its professional video editing software. The new version is Final Cut Pro 10.2 and adds 3D titles, and enhanced masking to apply color grading or effects. Behind-the-scenes improvements to FCP X include added support for an increasing number of types of video cameras, and GPU-accelerated RED RAW processing which will reduce wait times for editors. The latest version even supports dual GPUs as are found on the latest Mac Pro models.

Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of marketing at Apple said, ““Final Cut Pro X is changing the way we edit movies today.” Schiller noted that Final Cut Pro X makes it easier to edit and add titles to productions ranging from videos to films.

Using Final Cut Pro X, video editors will be able to create titles for their movies without leaving the Final Cut Pro application that include 3D titling and effects. With the simplicity of drag-and-drop, and available templates that include integrated backgrounds and even animations, professional-quality titles can be created more easily than ever in this latest version of FCP X. When working on titles, text styles, materials, edges, and lighting can be modified, and text can be converted from 2D to 3D, with real-time previews of revisions made to the effects.

The level of precision available in color grading has also been enhanced in the latest update to Final Cut Pro. You can now work with up to four video scopes simultaneously to enhance the level of precision when working with color. Additionally, shape masks can be saved and re-used to make the masking and editing process more efficient. These capabilites will be added into the Final Cut Pro courses offered regularly at American Graphics Institute.

Along with the updates to Final Cut Pro, Apple also released updates to both Motion and Compressor. The new Motion 5.2 provides additional capabilities for creating 3D titles with multiple lighting and camera angles, shadows, and reflections. Motion adds new generator effects, and enhanced keyframing controls, along with controls for creating masks.

The new Compressor 4.2 helps to get videos ready to distribute on Apple’s iTunes store. After selecting the video, trailer, and captions you can use Compressor to make a package of everything needed to distribute via the iTunes Store.

In a big departure from Adobe’s required monthly license fees, Apple is releasing Final Cut Pro 10.2, Motion 5.2 and Compressor 4.2 as free updates for existing users. If you are looking to buy a new copy, you can buy Final Cut Pro without any subscription and own it forever for $299 from Apple’s App Store, with Motion and Compressor available for $50, also from the App Store.

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