eBook training and ePub training

Traditional publishers are increasingly moving their content into digital and using the ePub format and the Kindle eBook formats to distribute their content. Just today DC Comics announced that they are making more of their content available as soon as possible on the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. They are the latest in a string of publishers to more fully embrace these digital formats. I'd expect soon you'll see announcements of eBooks and ePubs supporting the Microsoft Surface as it starts to pick up market share and adds ePub and eBook reading capabilities. We've been helping publishers with ePub classes and eBook training, and also delivering consulting for digital publishing. If you are looking to get your content onto the nook, Kindle, iPad, surface, or other digital device, here are some ways we can help: eBook training and ePub training helps get teams more familiar with the ways to create digital books and design efficiently for digital formats. We run ePub classes in New York City (NYC), Boston, Philadelphia, and on-site at clients around the world. eBook consulting and ePub consulting helps you to define workflows and create scalable solutions for streamlining and automating the process for creating digital documents. We deliver consulting services for many of the largest publishers in the U.S. and abroad.


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