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Lego Leah leaves a legacy

  • Published on April 3, 2014
Lego Leah leaves a legacy

Creative resumes frequently gain an impressive amount of attention on social media sharing sites like Buzzfeed and Reddit. One job application that recently piqued the interest of national news agencies comes from 20-year-old Leah Bowman, who created a resume that had to be physically assembled by the people who read it.

According to ABC News, Bowman's resume kit comes with a set of Legos and instruction sheet for assemblers to follow. The packaging perfectly resembles the traditional packaging in which Lego sells its products. In the top left corner, a red block reads "LEAH" instead of "LEGO." Underneath, she mocks the age requirement frequently posted on Lego sets by writing, "Great with People Ages 6+." Additionally, she included a visual resume that features the same "LEAH" block, along with an image of the figure and several of her skills listed beneath.

After posting her creation to Reddit, the young woman received a wave of attention. It was quickly picked up by Good Morning America, where she explained that the project has given her quite a bit of unexpected press so far.

"The attention has been overwhelming in the best way," Bowman said. "A lot of people have expressed how creative or unique my project was."

While her resume has been crafted using design software and she indicates that she has design skills, she does not wish to pursue a career in the digital design field.

Building a creative package such as the ones used by Leah Bowman uses skills with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. A good starting point for learning how to create attention-worthy graphics is to build your page-layout skills with InDesign classes and image editing skills with Photoshop classes

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