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Apple could release a professional iPad this fall

  • Published on January 3, 2014
Apple could release a professional iPad this fall

Apple has the Mac Pro, the MacBook Pro and now there's word the company could release an iPad Pro in 2014. While the exact name of this latter device is still unknown, Business Insider is confident it's coming.

The news source cited multiple reports that said Apple is developing an iPad for professionals that would feature a 12-inch screen. To put things in perspective, the iPad Air and iPad 2 each have screens that measure 9.7 inches in size, according to Apple's website. Meanwhile, the iPad mini has a 7.9-inch screen. The MacBook Pro is available with screens measuring 13 inches and 15 inches.

As a result, an iPad with a 12-inch screen would bridge the gap between the two popular Apple devices. Fueling the certainty of a new Apple tablet was word from Evercore Partners analyst Patrick Wang that the new iPad would be released in the fall of 2014, AppleInsider reported. This information came from a note Wang recently sent to investors.

According to Wang, a next-generation "A8" processor would power the new iPad. Such a device could also shake up the electronic notebook market. AppleInsider suggested that an iPad with a 12-inch display could be something of a hybrid-style device for those who seek a cross between a tablet and a laptop.

Of course, an iPad with a larger screen is sure to appeal to individuals who use such programs as Adobe Photoshop on the device. A bigger screen will only make it easier for people to enhance pictures.

As fall is still many months away, individuals who want to prepare for the release of this product may want to sign up for Apple classes at the American Graphics Institute. That way, when the new iPad is available for purchase, people will be ready to use it.

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