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Artist uses Adobe Illustrator to create neon landscapes

  • Published on May 7, 2014
Artist uses Adobe Illustrator to create neon landscapes

The digitally crafted works of Yoni Alter, a London-based artist, were recently on display at the Kemistry Gallery in London. His creations spanned a number of different cities from across the globe, including New York City, Tokyo and Toronto. Instead of featuring hand-drawn pictures or photographs of the cities' iconic landscapes, Alter crafted digital renderings in a variety of neon colors using Adobe Illustrator.

In the artists' Shapes of Cities exhibit, he showcases buildings in 35 different cities. While the structures are not spaced out as they would be in real life, their sizes are to-scale. On the right-hand side of each image, Alter offers a measurement scale, which allows viewers to examine how some of the world's greatest buildings stack up against one another. For example, the New York image pits a large, yellow Empire State Building behind a deep orange Statue of Liberty, whose size pales in comparison. 

With a variety of greens, reds, yellows and oranges, the artist illustrates the structures of the cities. The renderings feature the same attachments, forms and outlines as the buildings they were based on, but without details like windows, doors or people.

The artist told Fast Design Co. that his inspiration came from the geometrical shapes of different buildings across the world. He began the project in 2012, when he was visiting Hyde Park in London.

"I noticed the circular London Eye (the Ferris wheel) intersecting with the triangular point of a skyscraper," Alter said to the source. "They were two perfect geometrical shapes, and it inspired me to look at what other shapes London had." 

Alter added on his website that the series has yet to be completed, as he plans to add more locations.

Whether people are looking to work with shapes or scaled buildings, Adobe Illustrator provides the perfect platform on which individuals can examine how measurements affect design. American Graphics Institute offers Adobe Illustrator courses that allow students to examine how to use scale and rulers to enhance the quality of their works.

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