Creative Cloud for Dummies and Creative Suite for Dummies Official Site

Welcome to the resource page for the Adobe Creative Suite for Dummies and Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies book. Here you can find practice files that you can use for lessons found throughout the book. Use these files to improve your Creative Cloud skills. The authors of the Creative Cloud for Dummies also teach Creative Cloud Classes at American Graphics Institute.

Creative Suite for Dummies lesson files

Click the titles below to download the lesson files you wish to use.

Creative Suite for Dummies: Illustrator files

Sample vector files, appearance files, and more for use with the Adobe Illustrator chapters of the book.

Creative Suite for Dummies: Photoshop files

Selection, color correction, and layer examples from the Photoshop chapters of the book.

Creative Suite for Dummies: InDesign Files

Sample master pages, image files, table files and more from the InDesign chapters of the Creative Suite for Dummies book.

Creative Suite for Dummies

Creative Cloud for Dummies lesson files CC 2017

Content for the 2017 version of Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies will appear here soon.