Excel Tutorial: How to use AutoSum in Excel

You can use the AutoSum tool to add up values in ranges through a single-click function.  The AutoSum tool, which you’ll find on both the Home tab and Formulas tab of the Ribbon, contains a set of quick single-click functions. To use these commands, select the range of data and then choose the appropriate function. The following table describes what each function does.

Excel AutoSum functions




Adds up the values in a range.


Finds the average value in a range.

Count Numbers

Counts the number of values in a range.


Returns the maximum value in a range.


Returns the minimum value in a range.


Using AutoSum to add a range of values

Follow these steps to understand how you can quickly add up a range of values in Excel using the AutoSum function.

  1. Select range A2:A8.
  2. Choose AutoSum from the Formulas tab. From the drop-down menu, choose Sum.
  3. Excel adds up the values in range A2:A8 and enters the result in cell A9, which is the cell immediately below the selected range.

    Quickly calculate a range of values with the AutoSum command.