Excel Tutorial: Changing Text Alignment within Cells in Excel

You can change the vertical or horizontal alignment of cells text in Excel. By default, Excel automatically aligns numeric data to the right edge of a cell and text entries to the left. For the most part, numeric entries generally stay aligned to the right for consistency’s sake. There are many different options for aligning text within a worksheet. Text can be aligned within a cell or across a range of cells. You can change the horizontal and vertical placement of text within a cell and you can also wrap extra-long text entries within a single cell.

Excel automatically aligns text to the left edge of the cell and numbers to the right.

Aligning text within cells in Excel

You can change the alignment of text both within the columns and rows. That is, between the column widths and the row heights. When you increase the width of a row, data can be aligned between the top and bottom edges of the cell.

  1. Select range B7:D7.
  2. Press and hold the Ctrl key and select ranges F7:H7 and J7:L7.
  3. On the Home tab in the Alignment group, click the Center button. Excel centers the headings within the selected cells.