Excel Tutorial: Merging Cells in Excel

When you merge a range of cells, all the cells are converted to a larger single cell. For instance, in our example we want the heading for the venue type to be centered over the column headings Unit Price, Person, and Total. You can center a headline over multiple columns with the Merge and Center command. Follow these steps to merge cells together in Excel:

  1. Select range B6:D6, which contains both the heading we want to center and the columns to center it over.        
  2. From the Home tab, choose the Merge & Center command from the Alignment group.         
  3. Excel merges cells B6, C6, and D6 and centers the heading Ballroom over all three columns.     
  4. Merge and Center range F6:H6 and J6:L6.


When a heading spans multiple columns, use the Merge & Center command to merge cells together and center the heading over all the columns.