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Visio Training Class - advanced

Visio Training Class advanced

In this advanced Microsoft Visio course learn to advanced skills for improving efficiency when working with Visio, discover how to create more complex chards and diagrams,  and how to improve visualizations. Learn to use import data into Visio diagrams to visualize key performance indicators and other metrics in context. In this one-day advanced Visio course, participants learn advanced skills that apply to different types of diagrams, as well as how to add structure, share, and collaborate.

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Visio Training Class - advanced Course Dates

All classes are led by a live instructor. Class times listed are Eastern time.


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Lesson 1: Create network diagrams

  • Build basic network diagrams
  • Build detailed network diagrams
  • Use 3-D equipment shapes
  • Create rack diagrams
  • Change the drawing scale
  • Run computer and network reports

Lesson 2: Using Visio to add Data

  • Understand shape data
  • View shape data
  • Edit shape data
  • View and Modify shape data field attributes
  • Define shape data fields
  • Inserting fields
  • Run predefined reports
  • Creating and modifying reports  

Lesson 3: Visualizing data with Visio

  • Enhance diagram effectiveness
  • View network and datacenter performance
  • Improving processes
  • Create data graphics
  • Apply data graphics
  • Edit data graphics
  • Create data graphic legends

Lesson 4: Linking Visio to external data

  • Understand data linking
  • Use Quick Import
  • Use Custom Import
  • Linking diagram to data
  • Linking data to shapes
  • Manage linked data
  • Identify links
  • Change column settings
  • Unlink data from shapes and diagrams
  • Data graphic options for linked data
  • Refreshing linked data

Lesson 5: Adding and using hyperlinks in Visio

  • Follow hyperlinks
  • Enhance diagrams by adding hyperlinks
  • Using the Hyperlinks dialog box
  • Link to another Visio page
  • Link to a website
  • Link to a document
  • Link to a specific location in a document
  • Edit and delete existing hyperlinks
  • Understand relative and absolute hyperlinks
  • Set the hyperlink base     

Lesson 6: Adding structure to your Visio diagrams

  • Understand containers, lists, and callouts
  • Organize shapes by using containers
  • Using and formatting containers
  • Organize shapes by using lists
  • Add shapes to lists
  • Format and size lists
  • Find containers and lists in Visio
  • Build wireframes
  • Insert data graphic legends
  • Annotate shapes by using callouts

Lesson 7: Validate Visio diagrams

  • Understand Visio rules
  • Validate flowcharts and swimlane diagrams
  • Validate BPMN diagrams
  • Reuse existing validation rule sets
  • List the rules in a rule set
  • Create new validation rules

Lesson 8: Publishing, sharing and collaborating with Visio

  1. Understand Visio Services in SharePoint
  2. Store diagrams in SharePoint
  3. View diagrams by using a web browser
  4. Refresh diagrams saved in SharePoint
  5. Collaborate on diagrams
  6. Comment on diagrams
  7. Coauthor diagrams  


A computer with Microsoft Visio is provided for use for this class in our classrooms. We recommend that you have Visio installed on your own computer to allow for you to continue to use Visio after class.

You will receive a comprehensive Visio book developed by the instructor. This Visio training book is published by Microsoft Press. You will learn directly from an expert instructor.

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