InDesign certification exam topics and objectives

The online InDesign certification exam validates the skills of an individual using InDesign to create or edit a variety of document types. The skills necessary for creating and designing flyers, brochures, magazines, books, advertisements, and other content are evaluated with the InDesign certification exam. The InDesign certification test objectives are created by a team of InDesign experts who each have more than a decade of experience using InDesign in a variety of professional environments. The InDesign certification exam topics and objectives are listed below.

InDesign Certification Exam Objective 1: Familiarity with the InDesign user interface

1.1   Ability to identify and understand when to use common InDesign tools

1.2   Understand the organization of the InDesign tools and panels

1.3   Have a familiarity with the InDesign workspace

InDesign Certification Exam Objective 2: Understand basic document creation principles

2.1   Understand different InDesign file format types and when they are used

2.2   Know how to efficiently create and manage multiple page documents

2.3   Identify the benefits of working with master pages and how to edit and use master pages

InDesign Certification Exam Objective 3: Understand basic capabilities of InDesign

3.1   Know the purpose of using InDesign

3.2   Demonstrate the ability to place, resize, wrap text around, and crop images in InDesign

3.3   Identify the benefits of working with paragraph and character styles

3.4   Demonstrate knowledge of how to use InDesign tables

3.5   Know how to use, create, and edit colors within InDesign

3.6   Demonstrate how to create and save gradients

InDesign Certification Exam Objective 4: Real life workflow issues

4.1   Demonstrate how to effectively manage fonts

4.2   Know how to recognize and troubleshoot font and image issues within InDesign documents

4.3   Know how to control the flow of text as well as wrapping of text

4.4   Understand standard terms used in document production

4.5   Be aware of time-saving tips and keyboard shortcuts

4.6   Know how to create and precisely control a page layout

InDesign Certification Exam Objective 5: Saving and exporting

5.1   Use and share Creative Cloud library items

5.2   Understand how to collaborate and share a InDesign document

5.3   Understand the different options for creative PDF files from InDesign

5.4   Understand common export formats and when to use them


When you understand the above topics you can register for the InDesign Certification exam online.