Lesson 11

There is a missing lesson file for the Flash CS4 Digital Classroom DVD Lesson 11. 
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Lesson 7, page 195, Step 6

The skyPod logo must be converted from a graphic symbol to a movie clip symbol in order for the Fade and Focus preset to be applied. Select the first keyframe of the Logo layer. Click on the skyPod logo in the middle of the Stage to select it. From the top of the Property Inspector, use the pull-down menu to choose Movie Clip instead of Graphic (symbol). Then apply the Fade and Focus preset as directed in Step 6.

Lesson 7, page 211, Step 5

The step is incorrect as printed, as there is no keyframe in frame 20 of the lesson file. It should read as follows: Scroll horizontally until you reach frame 20. Right-click and choose Add Keyframe from the context menu to insert a keyframe. Press the Shift key to keep the keyframe from moving left or right, and click and drag the keyframe down to the baseline (0.0) of the Rotation Z row. Then, again holding the Shift key, click and drag it to the right to frame 30. The z rotation now begins at frame 30.

Lesson 11, page 295, Step 5

The step is incomplete as printed. The step should read: The graphics from the Up keyframe will be duplicated; take a moment to make some changes, such as color, to this copy to make it distinctive from the Up frame.
Note: You may need to ungroup the box and the arrow to change their individual properties. Select the graphics and ungroup by choosing Modify > Ungroup. Add a keyframe to the Over state to design a unique look for your button when the mouse pointer rolls over it.

Lesson 15, page 400, step 6

The step should read: Click the HTML tab to view the options for the HTML file that you are publishing. By default, Template is set to display Flash only. Click the Info button to the right of the Template drop down menu to view the description of the current template. For Flash Only, the Info pop-up explains that this template will display Adobe Flash movies using SWFObject to detect if the correct version of Flash Player is installed. Close the pop-up after you have reviewed the description.

Lesson 15, page 406, step 5

This step is incorrect and may be skipped. In earlier versions of Flash, there was a Maintain Aspect Ratio checkbox. However, in Flash CS4, aspect ratio is maintained by default. If necessary, aspect ratio can be changed by clicking QuickTIme Settings in the lower left.