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Lesson 2, page 45, Step 5

The step is confusing as printed. The following text should not be displayed in code font: 
"and after the word Smoothies type:"

Lesson 2, page 47, Step 7

There should not be a space in the closing style tag.

Lesson 2, page 49, Question 2

There should be a space at the end of the 'src' attribute.

Lesson 4, Lesson files

The 04_final.html file is absent from the DVD. You can download this file here.

Lesson 5, Lesson Files

The sidebar_bg image referenced in Lesson 5 is located in the Lesson 6 folder or you can download it here.

Lesson 6, page 159, Step 11

The code is incorrect as printed. Replace the opening div element with "aside class".

Lesson 10, page 253

The URL for the Lucidchart demo app has changed. The new link is here.

Lesson 12, page 318, Step 9

There is a mistake in the code for the webkit-box display on the eighth line. Book shows that line as: webkit-box-orient: horizontal; It should include a hyphen at the start of the line: -webkit-box-orient: horizontal;

Lesson 13, Lesson Files

The notepad_example.html file is incorrect. The correct lesson file can be downloaded here.

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